FTP Dropboxes

An FTP Dropbox is a password-protected area of your Web Hosting account that is accessed using an FTP program such as WS_FTP or SmartFTP. The FTP Dropbox shares the mailbox’s password. However, your dropboxes are not part of the disk space given to their associated mailboxes-- they share your Web site’s disk space allowance.

FTP Dropboxes are often used to share files with other people on the Internet. If you have a document that is too large to send via email, or if you want to keep the most current version of the document in a central location, you might put it in an FTP Dropbox.

You can have as many FTP Dropboxes as Mailboxes on your Web Hosting account.

Creating an FTP Dropbox

When you create a new mailbox for your Web Hosting account, you have the option of enabling the FTP Dropbox that is associated with the mailbox. Just check the Enable FTP Dropbox option when creating a mailbox.

You can also create an FTP Dropbox and a Mailbox in one step by clicking Add FTP Dropbox on the Email Management page of your Control Center.

Warning: When sharing an FTP Dropbox, remember that the password for the FTP Dropbox is the same as its corresponding mailbox. Anyone with access to the dropbox has access to the mailbox.

Enabling and Disabling FTP Dropboxes

Each FTP Dropbox is associated with a mailbox. To enable or disable the dropbox of a mailbox, click the Edit icon for the Mailbox on the Email Management page of your Control Center.

Warning: When you disable the FTP Dropbox of a mailbox, the mailbox in question can no longer access the FTP Dropbox. However, the contents of that FTP Dropbox are NOT deleted. To delete the contents of an FTP Dropbox you must sign in to your domain via FTP (or by using the File Manager) and delete them from the /dropbox/mailboxname directory. When you sign in via FTP, the /dropbox directory will normally be one level up. To get there, click "Parent Directory" in your FTP program.

Accessing an FTP Dropbox

To access an FTP Dropbox, you must use an FTP program such as SmartFTP or WS_FTP. Once you have an FTP program installed on your computer, access the FTP Dropbox using the information listed on the Client Settings page of your Control Center.

Accessing an FTP Dropbox via a Web browser

Your Web browser (such as Internet Explorer or Firefox) can access an FTP Dropbox via a special URL:


Note that the first part of this URL is your mailbox email address, with a period instead of an @ sign. When you visit this URL in a Web browser, your Web browser will ask you for your mailbox password.