How to Surf Better & Safer, with All the Tools You Need

Add our FREE, customizable Toolbar to your Web browser for automatic protection, plus convenient one-click access to EarthLink security and productivity tools, and lots of fun content.* Install the EarthLink Toolbar today and you'll have one-click access to all these features as you surf.

New Features

  • Show fast sites: Lets you view faster-loading, slimmed-down versions of popular Web pages you visit. Great for Dial-Up customers and for times when you don't need to see all the images and pictures on a page.


  • Privacy Tools: Offers 5 levels of privacy protection for your browser.
  • Security Center: Get one-click access to our comprehensive guide to online security.
  • Pop-Up Blocker®: Keeps virtually all pop-ups out of your way, even Shockwave and Flash pop-ups.


  • Weather: Shows you current weather and forecasts based on your preferences.
  • Stock Ticker: Displays dynamic, up-to-date information on the stocks you choose.
  • News: Delivers customized, up-to-date news headlines in the categories you choose.
  • Custom Buttons: Create custom buttons & menus to take you to your favorite online destinations (see instructions below).


  • Search: Provides a built-in search box for fast anytime searching.
  • Local Search: Find what you need right on your local Main Street. Simply enter your keyword and ZIP code.
  • Maps and Driving Directions: Lets you easily map any destination and get directions in a click.


  • Travel: Provides great savings and convenience when planning your next trip.
  • Shopping: Offers great deals on clothing, computers, electronics, and more.
  • Entertainment: Gives you local movie show times, TV listings, music, and books.

Toolbar Tips

  • Many personalized features are based on your myEarthLink preferences, so be sure to customize your Start Page®.
  • If some features are unavailable or aren't displaying your content, make sure you're signed in. Click the menu with the EarthLink logo and select Sign In.

How to Create a Custom Button or Menu

  1. Click on the small arrow next to the EarthLink logo and select Toolbar Options.
  2. In the window that appears, click Create a Custom Button.
  3. Choose a button that just launches a website with a single click (Basic), or a Menu, where you can add several items in addition to the button.
  4. Click Next, then choose a name for the button and enter a Web address that will be opened when it is clicked.
  5. If you selected Basic, just click Finish, and you're done. But, if you selected Menu, you'll see a Next button. Click it to add your menu items.

The EarthLink Toolbar® is available with EarthLink Access Software or as a stand-alone program.

Download it today!