EarthLink Web Mail Offers the Built-In Security You Need

Because we know how important your email experience is to you, EarthLink Web Mail comes with powerful built-in protection against viruses and spam. So you can enjoy your email with peace of mind.

Guarding Against Email Viruses with Virus Blocker®

  • Use EarthLink Web Mail and you’ll enjoy the automatic email virus protection of Virus Blocker.
  • Virus Blocker is on for all new members. Be safe–keep it on!
  • Virus Blocker automatically scans all messages and attachments sent to your EarthLink email addresses.
  • Any known viruses, worms, or Trojan horses are automatically removed or quarantined.
  • You’ll be notified when an email message has been cleaned or quarantined.
  • Virus Blocker updates automatically to protect you from the latest email viruses.
  • To verify that Virus Blocker is on, sign in to Web Mail, click Preferences, then Virus Blocker. If Virus Blocker is not on, click the Turn ON Virus Blocker button.

Keeping Spam Out of Your Email Inbox with spamBlocker

  • Use EarthLink Web Mail and you'll enjoy the automatic spam protection of Virus Blocker.
  • spamBlocker’s Medium setting is on by default and will automatically block known spam.
  • spamBlocker’s Highest setting, called Suspect Email Blocking, blocks email from all people, companies, or domains that are not listed in your Web Mail Address Book.
    • People must ask for permission to email you and be added to your Address Book.
    • Optional spam summary report shows how many messages have been blocked.

To activate the highest setting, sign in to Web Mail, click Preferences, then spamBlocker. Click the button next to Suspect Email Blocking and then Save Changes.