Remote Dial-Up


If you are traveling and need email and Web access where we do not have a free local access number, EarthLink offers convenient dial-up services—like Remote Dial-Up and International Roaming—to keep you connected, wherever you are.

There's no setup fee or increased monthly fee!

Simply add the following options to your existing account:

  • EarthLink Remote Dial-Up
    Can't find a free local dial-up access number? Connect to the Internet for just $0.10 per minute using one of our domestic 800 numbers.

  • EarthLink International Roaming
    Traveling abroad? Get online from another country for only $0.15 per minute.

Charges are conveniently itemized and added to your monthly invoice.

How to Activate EarthLink Remote Dial-Up Services

  1. Log in to your My Account Page (at
  2. Choose My Plan Details. Under Other Available Services, you'll find two
    remote dial-up options—800 Service and International Roaming.
  3. Enable the service you want for free.

Not an EarthLink Member yet? EarthLink Remote Dial-Up is only available after you set up your EarthLink account. Get online from Beijing to the boondocks. Join EarthLink today!