How to Surf up to 7X Faster & Download Email Faster*—FREE

Our EarthLink Accelerator software is easy to install, easy to use, and can help boost all your online surfing up to 7X faster. It works automatically whenever you connect with dial-up. Who has time to waste these days? Get Accelerator!

  • Surf the Web up to 7X faster.*
  • Check your EarthLink Web Mail faster.
  • Open new email messages faster.
  • Download attachments faster.
  • Load images faster.

How to Get Accelerator

Choosing Your Speed: Image Acceleration Levels

Click on the Accelerator icon in your computer.s system tray (the bottom right of your screen) and choose Options to make changes to your Accelerator settings.

  • Accelerator is automatically set to very high acceleration.
  • You can increase to Maximum or lower the acceleration level if you want higher quality images.
  • If Accelerator is on and you want to see any picture in its original, uncompressed quality, simply right-click on it and choose Refresh picture with full quality.
  • You can increase the amount of space Accelerator uses for temporary files (this speeds up surfing to sites you visit a lot).
  • Try several acceleration levels to see which works best for you.