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Moving, Relocating & the Web
Using the Net for a smooth move
Moving? With a gazillion things to do, you sure could use some help. Fortunately, the Web is loaded with info on finding places to live, preparation checklists, notification ideas, and more. Here are some of the sites that can help you prepare:

Moving tips & ideas Checklists & notifications Finding a new home
  •—Select an area to find the right apartment
  •—Locator for apartments and houses, plus other helpful services
  • The Riley Guide—A list of locator sites, plus information on job search, tips on r�sum�s and interviews, and more
  • Sperling's Best Places—Get information on nearly any town's schools, business, home costs, etc.
  • Find Your Spot—Take a short quiz and find out the best places for you to live

Preserve Pristine Perfection with PDF
So, you've created the perfect invitation, but now you need to make it a PDF before sending it to the print shop. Or you've put the last touches on the family newsletter, but it's not a PDF. Will it look as good on Uncle Jay's computer as it does on Grandma's?

If you create documents or presentations that have to look perfect, regardless of which computer or printer they end up on, you need to convert your files to PDF. Check out this week's Tech Tip to learn how to corral your wild documents into the PDF stable.

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Technical Help from EarthLink
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  • Need help right now? Try trading real-time messages with EarthLink Tech Support.

Folder Guide 1.0—Windows
An expressway to favorite files
A handy utility that lets you use just one or two clicks to go to frequently used files and favorite folders. It runs automatically with Windows Explorer, appearing as an option in open/save dialog boxes.
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Game: Number Crunch—MAC OS X
Move a number-crunching little beastie around a grid to munch on a series of multiples (numbers multipliable by 2, then by 3, etc.). Work on basic math, consume digits, stay away from owls. Life is sweet!
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Connect with your community
Free service connects you via email (or otherwise) with your actual neighbors and local government officials. Get to know someone nearby, or have your say in City Hall.
Howdy, neighbor!
How to make just about anything
Here's the online home of Make magazine, which is loaded with instructions on cool things you can build. It also promotes the culture of just making things. If you're a Handy Andy or Angie, then roll up your sleeves and get your busy fingers ready.
What to make today?

ACME Heart Maker
A little sweetheart fun
You know those heart-shaped Valentine candies with goofy messages on them that taste like sugar-coated rocks? Now you can make your own! Just an image, though—pop it onto your Web site, or in an email, or anywhere digital.

Game: Bubble Struggle
Follow the bouncing bubbles!
You're a little secret agent critter who has to pop bouncing bubbles with what looks like a Taser! Just don't get bonked on the head by a bubble—not good.
Cue the Lawrence Welk music!

Your Daily Art
Get a dose of culture
Wish you could pop into a great art museum each day? Then check this out. Every day a classic work of art is posted with a brief history on the piece as well as the artist who made it. Educational and fun.
Every picture tells a story!

Stuffed Animal Rights
Socrates. Kierkegaard. Yorick the Bear.
Ah, the greatest philosophical questions: What is knowledge? What is truth? What are the inherent rights of stuffed animals? This site offers some brilliant theories, in a "someone has too much time on their hands" kind of way.
They're not just fluff.