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Spring Cleaning
For any time of year

Even though summer is under way, it's never too late to do a little spring cleaning. Whatever the season, these helpful tips will help you get your home, office, and garden back in order.

Cleaning your house Car cleaning Cleaning up outside Cleaning up after pets

Put Some Zip in Your Files
Did you know there's a way to send large email attachments faster? Did you know you can save space on your computer while keeping your old files safe? Find out the many ways Zip files can help you...

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Game: Flip Words—Windows
Words within words
Like finding words inside words? In Flip Words you connect random letters to make up words for points. In those words are letters that form a secret phrase you have to guess before you're out of word-making turns. Addictive, like popcorn for the mind!
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Manager for your DVD library
Keeps track of all your DVDs, with movie information automatically downloaded from or Internet Movie Database (IMDB). You can even enter your DVD lender for manual or automatic notification of over-due items.
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Business watchdog blog
Business watchdog blog
This financial journalist's blog keeps a keen eye on corporations' 10K and annual reports, making sure they're playing within the rules. Follow her stories on notable captains of industry and how she spotlights their business practices.
See the monkey business!

Racing Frogz
Amphibians go neck & neck!
Finally, a Web site that lets you raise, feed, train, and care for your own animated racing frog. Enter it into races, win medals�even see your winning leaper on frog TV. Watch out for virtual warts!
Hop on in!

Exploratorium Snacks
Science treats for the mind!
These mental snacks are all about doing your own scientific experiments and observations with mostly common household items. Learn about light refraction, magnetism, balance, motion�all from the comfort of your home!
Come into the laboratory!

FIFA World Cup
The official site!
This year's World Cup soccer championship in Germany starts June 9th, and you're there! Well, almost. Check here for all the action of your favorite teams and players in photos and video highlights and more.
It's a goooooaal!

A little bit of geek heaven!
If you like gizmos, gadgets and thingamabobs, yours is a never-ending quest for the latest information on the hottest stuff. Look no further. This blog keeps an eye on the cutting-edge, electronic and otherwise.
What's this thing do?

Effectiveness of Aluminum Foil Helmets
Conspiracy theorists beware!
Think the government's trying to read your mind? If you've resorted to wearing tinfoil on your head to keep out those mind control rays, you may be in for a surprise. Your foil helmet may actually amplify the signal!
Caveat transmitter