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Fighting High Gas Prices
Sorry, we can't bring down the skyrocketing price of gas. But we can help you find the lowest gas prices in your area, improve your fuel economy, and learn other ways of combating higher fuel costs with this collection of online resources and tips.

The More Monitors the Merrier
This week's tech tip gives you some practical tips and advice on adding an extra monitor to your computer system. It can help you be more productive´┐Żand it's easier than you think! Read the full article...

Technical Help from EarthLink
  • Free EarthLink software: Our latest TotalAccess® 2005 software helps you avoid connection problems and helps block online threats like viruses, spyware, and scams. Download today!
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Babylon 6—Windows
Yearning for a good dictionary?
Babylon 6 is, surprisingly, not a sci-fi TV show, but rather a huge dictionary/language translation program. Quickly translate emails, Web pages, instant messages, and more. Check out the free trial today!
Learn more and download today!

Game: Petal Palace—MAC OS X 10.2
Erase the pretty flower bricks!
Yes, it's another "Get Rid of the Blocks" game. But you love those games! And this one has a floral motif and pretty backdrops!!
Learn more and download today!


Animal Planet Video Gallery
Get your cute quota filled!
Like animals? Of course you do. This gallery's got a bunch of really cute and/or funny clips of animals doing cute and/or funny things. Don't miss the waterskiing squirrel!
Watch them now!

Wikibooks Portal
Open-content textbooks—FREE!
Check out this collection of thousands of open-source textbooks in over 50 different languages that you can read, update, and distribute. Topics range from Cell Biology to Sociology to Chess and more!
Knowledge is power!

Instant Voodoo
Order up some voodoo vibes!
This is a silly little "email a friend" Flash feature that allows you to set up a voodoo doll with either good or bad vibes, and send it on. NOTE: This is NOT a serious voodoo site, just an email toy.
Send some Instant Voodoo today!

Electronics Recycling
Do good—recycle your electronics!
Your computer and most other electronics equipment can (and really should) be recycled. This site will explain how and give you the tools you need to get it done. Find a collection point near you, check up on the latest environmental news, and more!
Go Green!
Because your teeth are important.
This site is dedicated to your teeth. Take one of many self-tests to check for bad breath, sleep apnea, oral cancer, and more. Visit the Breath Center for information on keeping your breath fresh. Send a Floss-o-gram to someone who needs a subtle hint about their breath. Do it for the children. And their teeth.
Say Ahhhhh!

Pictures of dogs! Dressed as bees!
We really don't think we need to say anything else.
Buzz Buzz Woof!