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    New features for an old favorite
    If you've ever needed to check your email while away from your computer, you may already know all about EarthLink Web Mail. Signing in lets you read or write email, look up contacts in your Address Book, and generally keep in touch from afar—from any Web browser, anywhere!

    Great as it is, we're not ashamed to admit that even Web Mail can be improved upon, and we've been hard at work on doing just that. Check out the latest few features we've added to a long list of improvements.

    Expedited Email
    We can't help you type faster, but we've practically taken away the wait to start a new email. Rather than load an entirely new page every time you click "Write Email," Web Mail now has a new message window waiting for you the instant you click. The result: you're ready to type when inspiration strikes

    Accelerated Addresses
    I bet it's happened to you. You arrive at the Write Email screen only to realize that you don't remember your brother Jeffrey's email address. Web Mail always allowed you to quickly look at the Address Book, but now it's even more helpful.

    Just start typing JEFFREY in the "To" box. If he's in your Address Book, his name and email address will pop up, along with anyone else named Jeffrey. Select the right Jeffrey and you're ready to go. (This feature may not work with all browsers.)

    Fast Folders
    Used to be, when you opened or closed your Web Mail folders, you had to wait for your whole email list to reload on the screen. Especially on dial-up, that's a big waste of time. Well, we heard your thumbs twiddling, and we responded. Now, you can navigate through your folders almost as fast as you can click on them.

    And the Rest...
    There are lots more additional features, small and large, and more being added all the time. Play around in Web Mail and you may notice a few things. Like informative balloons that pop up when you put your mouse over a folder or a sender's name. Or, the way your reply to an HTML message shows the original message in an easy-to-see graphical way.

    Are We Missing Something Important?
    If you have a suggestion or request, let those email elves know! Next time you visit Web Mail, click the "Feedback" link at the bottom-left of the screen and fire away. We'll pay attention, and you'll get a better email service.

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