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Open-Source Software
Free software—in more ways than one
In many ways, open-source software (OSS) is one of the Internet's best kept secrets. Users and developers of this free software boast a strong and widespread community, though their numbers seem to be fairly low. Why? The answer may surprise you. Learn more and find out how open-source software can benefit you!

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Ready for better Web Mail?
New features for an old favorite
EarthLink's email brainiacs are working all the time to make our Web Mail the best email program they can. Never satisfied, they have just released some new features that make it even easier and more efficient to use. We thought we'd introduce them to you in our own, special way—in a Tech Tip! Read on to learn about: Read the full article...

Technical Help from EarthLink
  • Free EarthLink software: Our latest TotalAccess® 2005 software helps you avoid connection problems and helps block online threats like viruses, spyware, and scams. Download today!
  • Need help right now? Try trading real-time messages with EarthLink Tech Support.

Protecting Your Laptop Offline
How to keep it safe and secure
You're heading off on a well-deserved summer vacation. After your clothes, plane tickets, and sunscreen, one of the most essential things to bring may be your laptop. We've come up with a few tips for you to use to keep your laptop safe from prying hands and all that packing and unpacking. So you can worry about finding the right bathing suit, not your laptop. Read the full article...

EarthLink security tools:
*ScamBlocker *Virus Blocker *spamBlocker
*Pop-Up Blocker *Privacy Tools *Parental Controls
*Free Security Check *Norton Security Products

Game: Tradewinds Legends—Windows
Can you retire rich?
As Captain of your fleet, you sail the high seas, trade exotic cargo, expand your fleet, defend your ships against pirates, complete tasks and missions, earn the favors of powerful noblemen, and try to get filthy, stinking rich before you die. Have fun!
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Radio Tuner—MAC OS X 10.4
One program, many radio stations.
This handy widget allows you to listen to a host of radio stations from the comfort of your computer through your Real Player. It's never been easier to tune in!
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Introducing the EarthLink blog
Earthling is a daily journal of thoughts, Web sites, articles, and news about EarthLink and about the world our products and services live in. It's totally interactive, and you can become a part of the conversation by adding a comment to any of the articles you see there or sending an email to the writer. If you have a question, suggestion, or heck, a poem, send it in! This is by humans for humans!
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Fun with words
This site creates ambigrams for you! What's an ambigram? A word or phrase that can be read in more than one way, for example right-side-up and upside-down. This site creates them for you. Just enter a word, hit the button, and enjoy!
Word up! And down! And...

For a great example of ambigrams in action, check out Inversions by Scott Kim.

News from the world of water
This is an online newspaper devoted to life in and around the water. Get the latest and wettest scoop from around the world. Breaking news, top stories, pics, and more!
Dive in!

Land of the
Where Chaka rules!
This is a loving tribute to Sid and Marty Krofft's Land of the Lost, a "groovy" TV show from the mid-70s. There's an episode guide, cast and crew notes, the latest rumors, the theme song, and much more. Take a trip down memory lane and check it out!
Bring on the Sleestacks!
Do you hoop?
A site all about Hula Hoops. There's Hooping video. Hooping news. Hooping events. Calls for content for an upcoming Hooping movie. Basically, more hooping than you can shake a hoop at. Did we mention the videos?

The Vitamins and Nutrition Center
Everything but Fred and Barney.
Stay healthy with the latest information on vitamins and multivitamins. Look up any vitamin in the Vitamin Guide. Chat with experts in the Discussion Forums. Sign up for the free Vitamins Email Course, and more!
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The Art of Motion
Stop-motion madness!
Here is a very cool little short on Google video. People fly around, change colors, perform gravity-defying stunts, and more. CGI? Nope. Live-action stop-motion. Wild stuff.
Watch it now!