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    Stop scammers in their tracks!
    Don't fall prey to online identity theft! Stay informed.

    All too often, people become victims of online scams simply because they are uninformed. That's why we created—a single online destination to help you stay on top of the latest phishing threats (phishing is the term used for the most common kind of online ID-theft scam). Our new site is loaded with up-to-date information, solutions, and tools you can use to stay confidently protected from phisher attacks. features include:

    The Spot the Scam Quiz
    It's informative, and fun! Can you catch the clues and Spot the Scam?

    Think you can spot a phisher email from a mile away? Play's interactive Spot the Scam Quiz and find out. We give you examples of emails and Web pages—all claiming to be from EarthLink—and challenge you to separate the real ones from the scams. Don't worry if you don't get them all right; we'll show you what clues to look for in each example, so you can stay ahead of the online thieves and be better able to protect your personal information
    Tips on How to Spot a Phisher
    Phishers go to great lengths to hide their true identity from honest folk like you, but there are always ways to get to the truth.'s How to Spot a Phisher section gives you 11 simple tips that will help you uncover the sneaky truth behind these scammer emails.

    Some of the tips are pretty basic, of course—avoid emails that offer something for nothing, watch out for emails bearing a false sense of urgency, beware of emails that contain obvious spelling and grammar mistakes—but other tips are more sophisticated. For example, do you know how to check the URL of a link before you follow it? Just because it reads doesn't mean it actually goes there!

    Be sure to visit and arm yourself with all 11 tips!

    Security/ScamBlocker Information
    Along with the Spot the Scam Quiz and our Tips to Spot a Phisher, offers lots of other information that can help you protect yourself from online identity theft.
    1. Internet Security FAQ—Answers a range of common security questions, from "What is a Phisher?" to "What is Identity Theft?" to "What do I do if I've been Scammed?"
    2. How ScamBlocker Works—Explains how EarthLink's ScamBlocker software automatically protects you from phisher sites and scams that try to steal your personal information and identity.
    3. Report a Scam—Lets you suggest a suspicious site that we'll check out and, if a scam, add to our ScamBlocker database.
    Protect Yourself with EarthLink ScamBlocker
    EarthLink was the first major Internet service provider to offer free phisher scam protection, and we think it's still the best. EarthLink's ScamBlocker is available to members as part of our TotalAccess® 2005 software. And all Internet users can download ScamBlocker for FREE with our free EarthLink Toolbar for Internet Explorer and Firefox.

    ScamBlocker works with your Web browser to automatically protect you from scams and criminals who try to steal your personal information and identity. We've also integrated ScamBlocker with EarthLink MailBox, so you can scan your email and see a visual protection rating for any suspicious email that you check.

    Stay informed, stay up-to-date, stay safe! Get the tools you need and the knowledge you can use to feel confidently protected from phisher attacks at today!