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  • Free Online Calling
    MindSpring makes it easy
    Imagine being able to talk as much as you want to anyone, anywhere in the world—without paying a cent! That's what MindSpring is all about—totally free online calling. Your best friend in London, your cousin in Rome, even your neighbor across the street—they're all within reach, right from your computer. MindSpring even comes with instant messaging, so you can text chat or transfer files back and forth if you don't feel like talking.

    Sound too good to be true? It's absolutely real—thanks to the power of Internet telephony (also known as Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP).

    But that's not all. With MindSpring, you also get advanced new features like enhanced high-quality sound, instant text messaging, file transfer, and voicemail. Yes, voicemail. Free! And all you need to use MindSpring is a Windows XP computer with a microphone and speakers or a headset, as well as some buddies using MindSpring. Any Internet user can download and use MindSpring—no need to be an EarthLink member—so tell all your friends and family about it! MindSpring works with a dial-up connection, but a high-speed connection is highly recommended.

    Online calling made easy
    Best of all, MindSpring is easy to use. We've made online calling as simple as sending an instant message. Just add existing users to your contact list or invite them to use MindSpring using the built-in Invite a Friend feature. Once you have contacts, simply click on a friend's icon in the MindSpring window and choose whether you want to call or send an instant message. It's that simple.

    Now you can chat in real time with your buddies using voice and text. Display the "status" of your choice—Away, Available, or your own custom message—and even control who can call or send you a message.

    Option to call regular phone numbers
    MindSpring also offers a prepaid plan called MindSpring Dial Out that lets you make super-low-cost calls to regular phone numbers. (Note: MindSpring Dial Out is for outbound calling only. MindSpring does not allow incoming calls from regular telephone numbers at this time.) To sign up for MindSpring Dial Out, install and sign in to MindSpring, then click the Sign Up for Minutes link at the bottom of the MindSpring window. (A high-speed connection is required to use MindSpring Dial Out.)

    Compatible with Google Talk
    With MindSpring, you can call anyone else who uses MindSpring or any other SIP-compatible program anywhere in the world for FREE. SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is an Internet technology that connects two or more people using peer-to-peer, file-sharing technology. For example, MindSpring users can exchange text messages and talk with users of Google Talk. Add your buddies' Google Talk addresses to your contact list. You'll then be able to chat and place calls to them.

    Make your call with MindSpring
    With MindSpring, you can talk as much as you want, whenever you want—and never pay a cent for any PC-to-PC calls! Start using MindSpring today!

    Getting started is simple:
    1. Download MindSpring right now
    2. Double-click the MindSpringInstall.exe file
    3. When prompted for your MindSpring ID, enter your EarthLink email address and password (or sign up for a free MindSpring ID).
    That's it. Enjoy your free PC-to-PC calling with MindSpring!

    To learn more, read our MindSpring FAQ.

    Note: MindSpring is not a replacement for your normal phone service, and you cannot dial 911 or any other emergency or information services. MindSpring is also only compatible with Windows PCs at this time. A Mac version is planned for release in late 2006.