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DVD Easter Eggs
Hunting for Hidden Features
When it comes to your DVDs, it's always springtime! That's because hidden extra features—called Easter Eggs—abound on many a shiny disc. On the The Incredibles DVD there is a hidden sock puppet version of the movie. On Star Wars Episode III you can watch Yoda bust a move with storm troopers! We put together this list of sites that help you find these hidden goodies on your favorite DVDs...and games, too!

DVD Easter eggsFor Trekkers, Hobbits, & Jedi KnightsKids' DVDs & games
EarthLink Real Estate Channel
Search homes for sale nationwide!
Shopping for a home? The EarthLink Real Estate Channel—part of your myEarthLink start page—has your next house in the perfect neighborhood. Search through the listings, find a REALTOR®, get mortgage advice, or even find out what your current home is worth!

Maintenance Tips for Mac OS X
Although Mac OS X has a built-in mechanic to handle routine maintenance, it won't work if your computer is off or asleep. To keep your Mac in tip-top shape, you can perform the tasks yourself. Check out what you can do below: Read the full article...

Microsoft Windows Users:
Check out two articles in our eLink archive for ways to keep your computer running smoothly:

Technical Help from EarthLink
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Game: Plantasia—Windows
Can you save the garden?
In a daring cross between World of Warcraft and the Home and Garden network, we present Plantasia. You are a magical fairy who must tend and care for a series of gardens. Plant, water, and harvest your way to victory!
Learn more and download today!

Clockish—MAC OS X 10.4
Do you have the time-ish?
This is a free clock for those of us for whom time is relative. Why say 4:13 when you can say 4 Fifteenish? Why say February 29 when you can say "The end of February?" Because really, who needs specifics?
Learn more and download today!


Puzzle Playground
Stretch your mind today!
Ready for some mental twisters? Puzzle Playground challenges you with some of the oldest logic puzzles in history. Ready to tackle The Earth Belt conundrum? Take on Star Battle? Or perhaps you can stomach Stomachion, the world's oldest puzzle? Good luck!
Brain not included.
Never get sick again!
Well OK, not really. But here's to a healthy future. Search ailments by category, visit the Smart Patient Guide, find a doctor, look up symptoms, and more! It's health information for the whole family!
Say ahhhhh!

Got a green thumb? Want one?
Here's a site that will help you make this year's garden your best ever. Check out the Hortiplex database of plant life, link to the best gardening sites and blogs on the Web through GardenVoices, search for that special plant on the Garden Exchange, and more! And it's all free!
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Planet Tokyo
You, too, can be Big in Japan!
Whether you're planning a visit or just curious, you'll find information on what to eat, where to sleep, what to see, and more. Check out Japanese 101 for a crash course in the language, so you can learn to say "Toire wa doko ni arimasu ka?" (Translation available on the site.)
Moshi moshi!
Ready to get sticky?
There's more to honey than a squirt from the little bear. This site, sponsored by the National Honey Board, includes honey recipes, general honey facts, honey trivia for kids, the science of honey, the latest honey research, and more. Drooling yet?

David & Dania
Think you get dressed fast?
This is the official site of the world-renown husband-wife team of David and Dania. Who are they? They are touring performers who change clothes very, very quickly. Make that very, very, very quickly. There's video. It's...pretty eerie.
Click now...for a change!