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Good manners online

Dear Ned E. Quette,

Please help solve a dilemma. Sometimes I receive email that seems to be SHOUTING at me! And other times when I'm on a chat site another user will write something like, "BRB MDIOF." What on earth does that mean? Ned, why does it seem like some people don't know how to show good manners on the Internet? Please, please—share with all of us a few tips on online etiquette! Read the full article

Encrypting Your Files
Don't Let Thieves Get Your Data!
Is your laptop filled with tax info, company secrets, or other sensitive information? If so, someone stealing your computer could put you at serious risk. Find out how to protect your privacy by "encrypting" the files on your computer so no one but you can read them. Read the full article...

Technical Help from EarthLink
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It's video. It's freaky. Just look.
This is a very short video of a woman demonstrating a new blender that runs on growl power. She growls at it, it turns on. She stops growling. It stops working. That's it. A woman growling at a blender.

Everything I Own—Windows
Keep track of EVERYTHING!
The title says it all. This is the personal database of personal databases. Catalog every last possession you own. Appliances. Furniture. Kitchenware. If you own it, this program can catalog it. Check out the free trial today!
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Pirates of Treasure Island
It's a game within a game—for OSX!
Sail the seas, defeat other pirates, win sword battles, navigate mazes, all while playing a fun little tetris-style game. Have you tried to win a sword battle by clicking on sets of three coins of the right color? No? What are you waiting for? Free trial!
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Cute Overload
Kittens, puppies, and more!
Admit it, baby animals are cute. Here's a Web site devoted to nothing but pictures of really cute baby animals. And not just kittens and puppies, either. Baby ducks! Baby pandas! Baby hedgehogs! Got a cutie in your own home? Send in a pic!

Discontinued Disneyland Attractions
Country Bear Jamboree. Submarine Voyage. Captain Eo. These and other former Disneyland attractions may have gone the way of Dodo, but they've found new, nostalgic life on the Web. Relive your childhood (or experience your parents' childhood) with images and stories of these long lost rides.
This Link's an "E" Ticket!

Virtual Tourist
Ready to travel?
If you're planning a trip, do yourself a favor and check out this robust site first. It's loaded with information on tons of destinations, national and international. Hotels, restaurants, things to do. You name it, it's in here. Not traveling yet? Bookmark the site for later.
Bon Voyage!

Eat Chicken
Not for vegetarians.
This is a Web site all about cooking and eating chicken. Chicken recipes. Chicken cooking tips. Chicken statistics. Plus, you can enter your own chicken recipe and win $100,000!
Tastes like´┐Ż? It IS chicken!

Back Door Jobs
Adventure calls...
Get out of that chair and start living! Back Door Jobs offers short-term seasonal adventure jobs, volunteer vacations, summer jobs in the most beautiful places in America and the world, and more! Hike up, dive in, and have some fun!
Explore your world!