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Firewall 101
Are you as safe as you can be?
You know that EarthLink's Protection Control Center comes equipped with new AntiVirus, Spyware Blocker, and Firewall protection tools. Of these three, you probably have a good idea what AntiVirus and Spyware Blocker do for you, but what, exactly, does Firewall do?

We thought you'd never ask. This week's Security article breaks down the what, why, and how of firewalls, and brings you up-to-date on this very helpful security tool. Read the full article...

EarthLink security tools:
*ScamBlocker *Virus Blocker *spamBlocker
*Pop-Up Blocker *Privacy Tools *Parental Controls
*Free Security Check *Norton Security Products

Check out our Protection Blog for the latest security news and resources!

Conquering Cable Clutter
Creating a neat workspace
If you're like me, the area below your desk looks like an accident at a licorice factory. Black cables strewn everywhere. Sometimes it gets so bad I can hardly get out of my chair without accidentally unplugging the printer!

This week's tech tip helps you tame the jungle of USB, printer, stereo, and power cables that grow wild under your desk. Read on to find out how to create a cleaner, more foot-friendly environment. Read the full article...

Technical Help from EarthLink
  • Free EarthLink software: Our latest TotalAccess® 2005 software helps you avoid connection problems and helps block online threats like viruses, spyware, and scams. Download today!
  • Need help right now? Try trading real-time messages with EarthLink Tech Support.

The Official Ramen Homepage
Over 300 recipes´┐Żfor ramen noodles
This is actually a blog, all about Top Ramen noodles. But every other entry is a recipe, and there's a database of ramen recipes. Chili Ramen, Sinful Breakfast Ramen, Batter-Fried Ramen, and so much more!

Game: Charlie IIWindows
Ready to be a duck?
Take Mario Bros. Get rid of Mario and Luigi. Add a duck named Charlie. The result is... exactly like playing Mario Bros. as a duck. Which is actually a lot of fun. Play the free trial today!
Learn more and download today!

3D Sumo Babies Screensaver
MAC OS X and OS Classic versions!
You need a new screensaver. You begged for one that features dancing babies in sumo wrestling garb. They heard you. Here's the result.
OS X Click Here!
OS 8.x and 9.x Click Here!


EarthLink/Satellite TV Bundles
Get great savings today!
EarthLink has teamed up with two of the nation's top satellite TV providers to combine our award-winning Internet services with the digital, multi-channel universe of satellite TV—at big savings! Find out now how you can get movies, sports, music, and more—for less—when you bundle satellite TV together with the EarthLink High Speed or Dial-Up Internet service you already enjoy!
Learn more about this new special offer!

Game: Trampoline
Can you bust some moves?
Bounce and spin atop a trampoline. You get points for doing different moves, but lose points if you bounce on your head. Game ends when time runs out or you fall off the trampoline. Just like real life.

Retro Future
The way things were going to be
Remember when people were expected to someday live underwater? Have flying cars? When the future of movies was smell-o-vision? This site brings back some of our past "glimpses" into the future. What were we thinking?
Travel back... to the future!
What's running on your computer?
Not sure what something is that's running on your computer? Just enter any process into the site and get an explanation as to what it does, if it's important, or if it's something dangerous you should shut down right away.
Uncover the truth.

View live surgery on the Web!
For the curious—but definitely NOT the squeamish—this site offers free, live webcasts of real surgeries. There are interviews with the surgeons and you can even email questions to the operating room. Or browse the webcast archives. The primary goal is education, but we advise you NOT to view if you are sensitive.
Scalpel! Suction! Web cam!

U.S. Mint for Kids
Coins are fun!
This is a cool, government site about coins. And it's all for kids. There are games, cartoons, tons of information, and more! Teach your kids the value of money with this fun site!
Keep the change!