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Fantasy Camps
From rock 'n roll to rodeo
Got some vacation time coming up and you want to get in touch with your inner child? Or inner sports star, speed demon´┐Żcattle rancher? Check out these fantasy and adventure camps for grown-ups and make your dream come true. For a week or so.

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Computer Speed
Ever wondered what makes a 1 GHz computer faster than a 500 MHz? What a CPU is? Or what RAM, Cache, and Bus are—and how they impact your computer speed? Explore the mysteries of speed and find out what really makes a computer fast.

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Ready for a serious calculator?
If you want more than just the digits, check out this monster of a calculator. It's loaded with everything a budding numbers-cruncher could want: statistics, financial and time functions, sine-cos-tan, and more! Heck, you can even do calculations in binary!
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Game: Bricks of CamelotMAC OS X
Defend Camelot from vicious bricks!
This is a cool Camelot-themed version of the classic Break Out game where you are a paddle and you knock out bricks with little balls. It's got a ton of bells and whistles. Check out the free trial and knock yourself out.
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Game: Caray Snake
Free, simple time-waster!
Tired of games where you match three whatevers in a row over and over again? Check out this little game where you are a snake eating eggs and growing. How do you lose? If you run into yourself. Take that, Tetris clones!
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Your personal radio station
Pandora is an Internet radio station driven by YOU. Tell it what you like, and it finds obscure songs you've never heard of that it thinks you'll enjoy. Free registration is required for full access.
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That's the Spirit
Cocktails, cocktails, cocktails!
Here's a Web site with more drink recipes than you can shake a swizzle stick at. Plus mixology tips, party themes, a cool little toy that lets you search through recipes based on what you have in your fridge right now, and more!

Celeb Safari
Pictures of the stars!
Ever taken a snapshot with a celebrity? Upload it to this Web site full of photos of regular folks like us, hobnobbing with the stars. The site is moderated, so they do not tolerate adult or promotional content in the photos.
Say Cheese!

Hopkins in Egypt
Archaeological photo journal
Ever wondered what happens on an archaeological dig? Hopkins in Egpyt is a day-by-day photo journal of students from John Hopkins University as they work in Egypt. There are tons of cool pictures.
Dig in the sand!

Dog Horoscopes
What's your dog's sign?
Yup. Horoscopes for your dog. Plus dog tips, compatibility charts for you and your dog, and plenty of doggy pics.