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Tax Time
Let the Internet be your guide
Ah, glorious tax season. Just what we've been waiting for all year. Or not. If the thought of filling out those tax forms makes you shiver, there's hope. The Internet has resources galore to help you get through in one piece. Don't procrastinate. Get started right now!

One KISS is all it takes!
Get a FREE spyware scan!
Keep Internet Security Simple with a free KISS spyware scan from EarthLink. With nearly 9 out of 10 computers infected with spyware, we're making it our mission to help clean up the Internet and help keep you safer online.
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The Blank Truth
Under the hood with CDs and DVDs
Did you ever wonder if there's a difference between brands of blank CDs and DVDs, aside from color and price? And what's the difference between a CD you buy at a record store and a blank CD-R?

This tech tip will help you make sense of the alphabet soup, so you can make an informed decision the next time you buy blank CDs or DVDs Read the full article...

Technical Help from EarthLink
  • Free EarthLink software: Our latest TotalAccess® 2005 software helps you avoid connection problems and helps block online threats like viruses, spyware, and scams. Download today!
  • Need help right now? Try trading real-time messages with EarthLink Tech Support.

Dino and the AliensWindows
Can you save your world?
This is a fun game where you, as a bizarre creature, navigate through the mazes and destroy the silly aliens. The graphics are quite impressive, so this isn't for slow-running machines. Enjoy the free 60-minute trial!
Learn more and download today!

MacnifierMAC OS X
When the font is too small...
Turn your curser into a magnifying glass with this FREE program. Just roll your curser over anything on your screen and see it magnified for easy viewing. Great for reading text, precision work in graphics design, and much more!
Learn more and download today!


South Park Studios
Create your own character!
Simple, quick, fun. Using an expansive template, create your very own South Park character. Choose from different Bodies, Hands, Legs, Heads, Mouths, Eyes, and other stuff. This is sweet!
Click here, mmmkay?

The Rosetta Project
All the languages of the world.
This is a publicly accessible online archive of all documented human languages: over 2,300 are represented, with more being added all the time.
Check it out!

The Northern Lights
Have you seen Nature's Light Show?
The Aurora Borealis, also known as The Northern Lights, are one of the most amazing natural phenomena on Earth. Find out what makes them so special, and see dozens of spectacular photos!
Look up!

Good Tricks
Want to learn some magic?
Card tricks, coin tricks, even David Blaine-style street magic, are all explained here. Learn The Torn and Restored Card Trick, The Jumping Coin Trick, The Voodoo Ash Trick, and more!
Amaze your friends!

Ham Radio Disaster Services
When normal communications fail...
Get important emergency information about the last line of communication in times of disasters: Amateur Radio. Find out how to listen, become an operator, and much more!
Check it out!

Cool Optical Illusion
How do they DO that?
This is a simple page with spinning pink and/or green dots. Read the short description, then see if you can get it work. You won't spend more than 30 seconds on the page, but they will be the most mesmerizing 30 seconds of your day.
Do you see it?