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  • Taxes and the Internet
    We're here to help
    When it comes to taxes, you're not alone. We feel your pain. And we're doing something about it. We've gathered together some of the best online resources to help you file your taxes. Quickly. Intelligently. Almost painlessly. From money-saving tax tips to understanding new tax laws, you'll find a wealth of information here to help you keep your wealth for yourself.

    Basic tax information
    A great place to start is the EarthLink Tax Center, which has comprehensive information to help you with your taxes. If you're new to filing, the Tax Basics section will walk you through much of the process. You can also get specific pointers in the Tax Tips section, such as lesser-known charitable deductions and keys to deducting medical expenses. (Did you know you can deduct the cost of traveling to and from your medical appointments?) Also, you can get answers straight from the horse's mouth by checking the IRS's Frequently Asked Questions.

    What you need to know before you start
    Before you begin, check out the 2006 Tax Calendar from the EarthLink Tax Center. It has all the important
    dates, including when you need to apply for extensions and links to the proper forms. Then save time and worry by using this handy Tax Preparation Checklist to help guide you as you gather your information!

    Not sure if you're keeping up with important changes in tax law? Not to worry, has put together a helpful section entitled 10 new tax laws you need to know, including new changes that were prompted by the devastating hurricanes of the past year. And if you're thinking about the future, there is also a special guide to taxes and retirement.

    Downloading tax forms
    If you plan to file your taxes the old fashioned way—that is, by filling out the forms and mailing them in—you can either go to the post office and hope they have what you need or you can get all the forms online. The EarthLink Tax Center has links to the most common federal and state tax forms that you can download for free as PDF files. And of course you can download any form directly from the official site of the Internal Revenue Service.

    If you'd rather pass on the headache to someone else, you can find an accountant at This site, brought to you by the National Association of Tax Professionals, will help you find the right person for your taxes based on location anywhere in the U.S. and the world.

    Filing online
    Millions of people have already discovered the joy of filing their taxes online. It's quick, easy, and saves the hassle of figuring out calculations and deductions on your own. You'll also spare yourself waiting in long lines at the post office, and you'll even receive your refund sooner! The IRS offers a list of e-file partners that can help you file without having to download a single form. There's even a Free File service—a list of other companies that offer free e-filing for those who qualify for their particular programs.

    So go on, use the Web to make this tax season less painful, less stressful, and more rewarding than any previous. You'll save time, save headaches, and—if the tips you find lead you to undiscovered deductions—you might even save some money.