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  • Customizing the TotalAccess Task Panel
    We designed TotalAccess to be as helpful and convenient as possible. But since you weren't in the meetings, we thought you might want to change a few things. This Tech Tip shows some ways you can shape the Task Panel to suit your fancy.

    Move it Around
    When you install TotalAccess, the Task Panel appears right at the top of your screen. But we don't mind if you'd prefer a side, the bottom, or even somewhere in the middle. It's your Task Panel, put it where you'd like it.

    To Change the Location of the Task Panel:
    Right-click the Task Panel and choose Dock, then pick a cozy location. The Task Panel will immediately move to the new spot.

    Task Panel Hide (No "Seek" Needed)
    We like having the Task Panel always visible, where a quick glance tells how many emails have arrived. But if you prefer a clean desktop, you can hide the Task Panel from sight until the instant you need it.

    To Hide the Task Panel:
    Right-click the Task Panel and choose Auto Hide.
    The Task Panel will hide from view. (If Auto Hide isn't a choice, then you'll need to "dock" the Task Panel to a side of the screen. Choose Dock to pick your location.)

    To Make the Task Panel Reappear:
    Move your pointer to the top of the screen (or wherever you docked the Task Panel). The Task Panel will immediately reappear.

    Hide or Show Buttons
    Not everyone plays games, or needs an email menu right on their desktop. Want to get rid of some of those buttons? Couldn't be easier.

    To Hide or Show Buttons:
    Right-click the Task Panel and choose Show. Uncheck the buttons that you'd like to hide and check the ones you want to see.

    Add Shortcuts
    Did you know you can put shortcuts to files, folders, and even programs right on the Task Panel? The Task Panel sits on top of your open windows, so you won't have to clear them away to open the file you want.

    To Add Almost Anything to the Task Panel:
    Drag the file, folder, or program to the Task Panel and let go. The file's icon will appear on the right side of the Task Panel where you can click it to open it.

    And the Rest...
    When it comes to customizing TotalAccess for Windows, there's a lot of room to play. Right-click the Task Panel and choose Task Panel Options to open the Options screen. From there, you can change and personalize dozens of features of TotalAccess. Look around, and get TotalAccess to work just the way you want.

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