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Issue #182 | October, 2013
It's Pumpkin Time
Fall is in the air, and frost is on the pumpkin. It's the best time of year to enjoy these wonderful treats and clever ideas. Enjoy!

--> All Things Pumpkin

--> Pumpkin Costumes

--> Clip Art Designs for Pumpkin Carving

--> Halloween Recipes and Party Ideas

--> Pumpkin Recipes

--> Orange Crush: 9 Pumpkin Products We Love

--> Pumpkin Carving Contests

--> Pumpkin Festivals

--> Spicy Pumpkin Soup

--> The Great Pumpkin

Top Troubleshooting Tips
From the EarthLink Blog

--> Top 10 dial-up connection solutions

--> Cable Internet connection troubleshooting

--> Fixing DSL connection problems

--> Wi-Fi home network troubleshooting

See the very latest on our blog...

EarthLink 4G Internet At Home
New high-speed wireless Internet service

EarthLink recently launched another new 4G wireless Internet service, called 4G Internet At Home. An alternative to DSL that doesn't require a home phone line, 4G Internet At Home gives you high-speed Wi-Fi Internet access for your desktop and up to 8 laptops, tablets and smartphones all around your house. It's the no-hassle solution to a high-speed home network.
Learn more about 4G Internet

Process Explorer
Free system utility—Windows
This 5-star freeware utility displays processes running on your PC in an intuitive tree format. See process names, plus program icons, descriptions, and processor time. It is considered a strong replacement for the built-in Windows Task Manager.
Learn more & download for Windows!

atMonitor for Mac
Free system monitoring tool—Mac
This advanced OS X monitoring utility lets you quickly assess your Mac's real-time condition. In addition to CPU, GPU, VRAM, FPS, Disk and Network information, atMonitor allows interaction with processes, setting up triggers, logging, purging RAM and more.
Learn more & download for Mac!
The Day the Earth Smiled
Amazing NASA photos
Rare, breathtaking images of the Earth and moon taken by NASA's Cassini and Messenger spacecrafts from 900 million and 61 million miles away. If you look hard enough (and use a little imagination) you may see more than 20,000 people on Earth waving back.
Converting from X to Y
Want to know how many dollars 10,000 Yen is? Or how fast 45kph is? Or if you should try lifting 100 kilograms? Or if a UK women shoe size of 5 will fit? ConvertWorld has lots of easy-to-use online conversion tools to help.
How much is that?...

Digital Vaults
The National Archives Experience
The National Archives is a treasure trove of U.S. history and culture, and the Digital Vaults showcases it all beautifully. Click to explore featured items or choose Pathways for the Civil War, the right to vote, American inventions, the Revolutionary Wary, immigration, and more. You can even create your own collection of historical documents.
Click into history...

Flying to the Moon
Free online game
Use your keyboard to control your rocket, avoid obstacles, collect money and food, and fly as far as you can. Use the "money" you collect and earn to upgrade your rocket for even more fun.
To the moon...

100 Ways to Reuse Things
Green, thrifty, fun
What's good for the environment and your wallet? Lots of things, actually. But we're thinking about reusing common things in creative new ways instead of throwing them out.
Did you know you can?...

Weirdest Spiders Ever
Just in time for Halloween, spiders. But not just your average arachnids, these X-legged creatures are bizarre and beautiful, with impossibly long "horns," weird eyebrows, double tails and other unusual features. Some look like ants or sticks or even a pile of bird dung.
Catch some creepy crawlers...

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