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Issue #180 | December, 2012
Holiday Shopping Made Simple
Check out
This holiday season more than ever, shopping online is an affordable and convenient alternative to wasting time and gas driving to the mall and then fighting the crowds. And you've got several great ways to shop right from your own personal My EarthLink Start Page®:
  • Shopping Search: Simply click the Shopping tab above the search box at the top of the page and type in what you're shopping for. You'll get great comparison shopping results showing you the lowest prices from multiple stores.
  • Deal of the Day: Check this section, powered by Groupon, every day to find unbelievable deals for yourself or to buy as gifts. (If you don't see this section, go to the Add a Feature box and add it to your Start Page.)
  • Shopping Channel: Want to browse through top deals in popular categories? Click the Shopping link in the left-side Channels section to start your comparison shopping.
  • My eBay: Find great deals on new or used items. Make a bid or buy directly. Bid, watch, and monitor from your Start Page. (If you don't see this section, go to the Add a Feature box and add it to your Start Page.)
  • Bookstore: Holiday book shopping via Amazon couldn't be easier. (If you don't see this section, go to the Add a Feature box and add it to your Start Page.)
Start shopping now at!

EarthLink and the Windows® 8 operating system
Software compatibility & email setup
Microsoft launched its new Windows 8 operating system in late October. Here's a quick summary of the compatibility of EarthLink's most popular software programs with Windows 8:
  • EarthLink Access Software
    Compatible in Desktop mode. Click the program icon from start screen.

  • Protection Control Center
    Compatible in Desktop mode. (Important: uninstall the program before upgrading to Windows 8, then reinstall the program. When clicking the program icon from the start screen you need to click Yes to a Windows 8 pop-up to use Protection Control Center.)

  • EarthLink Online Backup
    Compatible in Desktop mode. (Important: uninstall the program before upgrading to Windows 8, then reinstall the program.)

  • EarthLink System Scanner

  • PC FineTune
    Not currently compatible. Check our website for future PC FineTune updates: .faces?tab=pcfinetune
For more program compatibility details, see this Windows 8 post on the EarthLink Blog. (

EarthLink Email

The built-in email program in Windows 8 does not allow POP email accounts like those from EarthLink to be configured. If you upgrade to Windows 8, the simplest solution is to use EarthLink Web Mail ( for email access from any online computer.

See the EarthLink Blog for two other Windows 8 email solutions. (

Earth Alerts
Free weather monitor—Windows
Set your location and this easy-to-use software monitors severe, extreme, and violent weather and natural disasters for you. Get weather alerts, see satellite imagery, and even watch videos. You can easily add any location to monitor, or select the U.S. or Global view.
Learn more & download for Windows!

Facebook Exporter for iPhoto
Share your photos—Mac
If you don't have the very latest version of iPhoto, which includes built-in Facebook sharing, this free plug-in makes it simple to share your favorite photos. Simply open iPhoto, select one or more pictures, select Share, and log into Facebook to upload your photos.
Learn more & download for Mac!

Hall of Technical Documentation Weirdness

This Pinterest board is dedicated to collecting and displaying “wacky, bizarre, surreal and otherwise strange examples of technical documentation.” Most are either funny illustrations that weren't meant to be funny or illustrations with funny captions.
Do NOT do this...
2012 Word of the Year
What would you pick?
Recent Word of the Year selections by the Oxford American Dictionaries have included “unfriend,” “locavore,” and “carbon neutral.” This year, “Eurogeddon,” “superstorm,” “YOLO” (you only live once), the verb “GIF,” and others battled it out.
And the winner is...

The Infinite Jukebox
Play favorite songs...forever
Upload a favorite MP3 (or pick a pre-loaded choice) and this experimental music player will generate a never-ending, ever-changing version of the song by jumping to different parts of the song with similar sounds. Pretty cool.
The beat goes on...

The Perfect Cup of Coffee?
Tips from the best barista in the U.S.
Cold winter morning...what could be better than a good cup of coffee? A GREAT cup of coffee! Learn the secrets behind a truly joyous cup of joe.
See what's brewing...

Talk radio, podcasts & more
From news to comedy, sports to science, Stitcher can keep you informed and entertained. Listen to high-quality programming from thousands of top content sources on your smartphone or tablet with a free Android or iPhone/iPad app, or browse the website with your computer.
Tune in now ...

Holiday Health & Safety
Tips from the CDC
Here's to a happy and healthy holiday season. Get tips on staying healthy in the winter, managing holiday stress, traveling safely, protecting your children, preventing injuries, preparing holiday meals, and more.
Better to be safe...

EarthLink Offers

High Speed DSL—starting at $14.95/mo.
Step up to high-speed EarthLink DSL Internet and get broadband Internet connections up 100x faster than dial-up, plus a free DSL modem. You also get to keep your EarthLink email address.
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Broadband Cable Internet—speeds up to 15Mbps
EarthLink Cable Internet offers our very fastest high-speed connections!up to 15Mbps—Keep your EarthLink email address when you upgrade
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Partner Offers

The switch to DISH is on!
Only DISH offers America's most popular programming, the industry's most advanced technology, and TV's lowest prices. Best of all, you could get a $50 American Express® Reward Card when you sign up with qualifying DISH service! Let's Watch TV!
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