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Issue #179 | November, 2012

Free Online Learning
For kids, teens & adults
The kids are back at school, but are they learning as much as they could? How about you? There have never been more great online learning opportunities for little kids, teens, and adults. We've gathered 10 of our favorites to get you started.

Top Tech Tips
From the EarthLink Blog
Here are some of the most popular recent tech tips we've posted on the EarthLink blog to help you connect better, stay safer, and enjoy your time online.

Hotspot Shield
Free Wi-Fi Protection
This free software encrypts your Internet traffic to protect you while your computer sends and receives information online. It's especially useful if you use public Wi-Fi networks. The program works with all web browsers, and can also detect nearby Wi-Fi signals. During installation you may be opted into a toolbar that you probably won't want, but the toolbar is optional.

Windows: learn more & download!
Mac: learn more & download!
Search engine for science
This search engine pulls results from over 300 authoritative science and technology collections. Click the Advanced Search link to specify categories, search by title, author, or dates.
Bookmark it...

Partysaurus Rex
Exclusive HD Pixar video
Rex, the green dinosaur from Toy Story, gets top billing in this funny short video on the Disney website.
Party on, kids...

Snowball—Fun, Free Game
Wintertime pinball
This simple, fun game lets you play pinball with big snowballs that you launch around a winter-wonderland of a course.
Play snowball now...

Holiday Recipes & Parties
Tips from the Food Network
With holiday season upon us, you may want to visit this special section of the Food Network site, for delicious recipes for main courses, appetizers, sides, deserts, and cocktails. You'll also get helpful party and meal planning tips.

Zero Gravity Yo-Yo Tricks
Cool yo-yo tricks in space
Astronaut Don Petitt not only has the right stuff to blast into space, he has the right stuff to master some pretty fancy yo-yo the zero gravity of the space station! See tricks that are, literally, out-of-this-world and have never been done before.
How very strange...

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