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Issue #178 | September, 2012

Play for Free For a Chance to Win Big!
EarthLink's Football Pick'Em Challenge
Football season is here, but you don't have to wear a uniform to win. Play EarthLink's FREE football challenge for a chance to win weekly and overall season prizes, like free EarthLink Internet access or even a trip to Hawaii!
Play Now!

Faster Dial-Up—FREE!
How to get it with EarthLink Accelerator
Speed and the Internet: two things that are really great together. But what if you have dial-up instead of high-speed cable or DSL Internet?

To maximize your dial-up Internet speed, you need to use EarthLink Accelerator. Our free download can turbo-charge your Web browser so you can surf up to 7x faster.*

Here are two ways to get our free dial-up Internet accelerator: Learn more on the EarthLink blog:
* With EarthLink Accelerator, certain Web page text and graphics will load faster when compared to standard dial-up Internet service. Actual results may vary. Some Web pages such as secure or encrypted Web pages will not be accelerated. EarthLink Accelerator is only compatible with EarthLink's Dial-Up service and specified browsers.

Brain Workshop (PC & Mac)
Game to increase your working memory
Recent studies have shown people can increase their working memory and related abilities by playing a certain kind of brain game regularly. This free game download can help you do just that.
Learn more & download!
Weight Loss Predictor
Interactive Online Calculator
On a diet? Exercising to lose weight? So, how much weight are you going to lose? This online calculator can help you figure that out. Just enter a few simple parameters about yourself.
Be a big loser...

Personal TV schedules
Save time finding the stuff you want to watch by creating a personal TV schedule. Find upcoming new episodes, sports events, and more. You can also get e-mail reminders. Free apps are available for Apple and Android phones and tablets.
Find it, watch it...

Photos from London 1948
The OTHER London games
This summer wasn't the only London Olympics. Sixty-four years ago, London also hosted the world (minus Germany and Japan, who weren't allowed to compete). Take a look back at these great Life magazine photos (many previously unpublished).
Keep the Olympic spirit going...

Tracking energy disasters
This award-winning site helps track energy disasters and keep citizens informed about effects on the environment. Counterspill sees its mission to seek truth and promote positive change. Get news, maps and more.
Stay informed...

Curiosity Rover—Mars Mission
Photos, news & more...from Mars
Satisfy your own curiosity about possible life on Mars by following the official site of the Mars Science Lab and the Curiosity Rover. See stunning photos, watch fascinating videos, learn fun facts, and stay up to date on the news from Mars. Yes, news, from Mars.
Our favorite Martian...

Six Sided Strange
Art? Poetry? Cool? Annoying?
Hard to say WHAT it is—but it IS weird. Click "play and explore" and and explore through 12 levels of hypnotic and disorienting kinetic art, interspersed with text and often abrasive sound effects.
How very strange...

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