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Issue #177 | August, 2012
Top Tips from the EarthLink Blog
Dial-up, DSL, Web Hosting, & more
Have you been reading the EarthLink blog regularly? If you haven't, you've missed quite a few helpful and interesting posts (if we do say so ourselves). To catch you up, here are a few of our most popular posts, with tips to help you get more out of your Internet experience.

When Spammers Use Your Email
How it happens, what to do
Spammers often hijack legitimate accounts—like yours—that don't belong to them to send spam. These cyber-criminals prefer to use real email addresses to send spam because these emails can more easily bypass anti-spam filters. If spammers gain access to your EarthLink email address and password (by a phishing scam, computer virus, or another way), they can use that information to send spam that looks like it's coming from you.

Click here to learn how it happens and what you should do about it.

EarthLink System Scanner
Free scan shows you what your PC needs
Be smart. Play it safe. Find out what—if anything—your PC needs for greater security or increased performance. Download our free scanner today and you can quickly and easily see if your computer is secure and discover fast fixes and other ways to optimize your PC. We highly recommend it, especially if you're unsure of your PC's protection or you've noticed any computer performance issues.
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Grilling Central
Food Network Grill Guide
Here's a tasty way to start summer: with lots of expert grilling recipes from Food Network pros like Bobby Flay. Plus, get perfect grilling tips, summer drink recipes, deserts, and more.
Get it while it's hot...

The Word Alone
Fun, free word game
Make words with letters on the board, and then try to push them off without pushing off any of the letters in the word "alone." The goal: to have A.L.O.N.E. alone on the board. See how few moves you can do it in.
See if you can do it...

Free From Broke
Personal finance blog
This popular personal finance blog "for regular folks" has been around since 2007, helping people like you stay out of debt, save more money, manage expenses, invest better, plan for retirement, and more.
Click to cash in...

Google Art Project
Great Art of the World
This special project from Google lets you enjoy over 30,000 works of art—from sculpture to architecture and drawings—from 151 museums in 40 countries, all in one place. You can even create your own galleries to share your favorite works.

Free ebooks & audiobooks
Overdrive lets you search for ebooks, audiobooks, video and other digital content that's available at local libraries and bookstores around the country. See if your library participates and you can check out free Kindle books too.
Books in high gear...

Bottle Cap Blues
Fun 2-minute video
Cold beer. No bottle opener. No worries. This quick video shows the myriad of surprising, inventive, and funny ways that friends of artist Adam Young find to open their beer bottles. Hatchets, chairs, and motorcycles—oh, my!
Open up...

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