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Issue #175 | February, 2012
Your Money, Your Life
Tools & tips to help you save
In today's economy, you need all the help you can get to stretch your hard-earned dollars. Here are some resources that can help you make smart decisions with your money.

Protect Your Privacy
10 tips for when you travel
You may be rushed think you have too much to do to worry about privacy issues when you travel, but try to make some time to follow these tips from covering wi-fi, passwords, social media, laptops, documents, real-time finance monitoring, and more.
Have fun, be safe...

News360 App
Free personalized news
The free News360 app is a customizable and personalized news service. It scours thousands of sources and brings relevant news to most smartphones or tablets (iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows 7, etc.). It can personalize your news feed based on your social media and RSS accounts or choose the topics you want.
Learn more & download today!

100 Weirdest Phobias
Fears you never heard of
Sophophobics should stay away, because you'll probably learn something and sophophobia is the fear of learning. There are phobias about peanut butter sticking to your mouth, beautiful women, long words, time, otters, ferns, flutes, mirrors, and more. Chances are you don't have Cathisophobia (fear of sitting down) because that makes working at the computer difficult.
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Preventing & Fighting the Flu
Remember: it's still flu season
Flu season may have peaked, but it's not over. So it's not too late to review these 2011-2012 recommendations and action items from the Center for Disease Control. Do it now...and make it to spring flu-free.
Take action now...

20 Cake Sculptures
Bizarre, awesome, sweet!
Who knew? Cake sculpting is now a full-fledged career option. And cake artists keep upping the level of creativity. Take a quick look at a giant octopus, a sumo wrestler, punk zombie, rhino, Star Wars' R2-D2 and more.
Dig in...

Improve Your Memory
Top tips & techniques
Who wouldn't want a better memory? Forgetting people's names, forgetting where you put the car keys...ahhhh. Here's a good list of ways to improve your memory, from brain boosting foods to mnemonic devices that help make remembering simpler.
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Criticker Movie Recommendations
Based on your ratings
Criticker uses your own ratings of movies to build a "Taste Compatibility Index" for you and then find the movie fans with tastes and opinions most like yours. This way, you get the most accurate advice possible when you're trying to decide what to see.
Four stars...

101 Cookbooks
Get cookin', get help
This top food blog dishes out some great recipes, focusing on natural, whole foods and ingredients. Healthy vegetarian recipes are a specialty, along with the occasional sweet.
You can have seconds...

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