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Issue #173 | July, 2011
Now You Got Game
Free online games
Since you can't be outside all summer, here's a fun collection of free online games. Enjoy!
  • Crush the Castle—Before there was Angry Birds, there was Crush the Castle!
  • WordSquared—Massive multiplayer online "Scrabble" game.
  • The Impossible Quiz—Not actually impossible, just crazy.
  • Love—Get close, but not too close...and start spinning.
  • Space is Key—Jump with spacebar, faster & faster over obstacles.
  • Unique—Spot the unique shape as fast as you can.
  • Solipskier—Draw snow to power your skier, do tricks.
  • Fantastic Contraption—Draw "contraptions" to reach your goals.
  • Basketball—2 minutes to see how many shots you can make.

Top Microsoft® Tips
To Fix Common PC Problems
Here's a great resource to help you resolve common PC issues. Discover how helpful the F1 key can be, learn 2 basic troubleshooting tips, and get tips to resolve software, Internet connectivity, and hardware issues, plus system failure. Add this one to your Favorites.
Get your fix...

Free photo editing software
This popular, free photo editing program makes it easy to fix and enhance photos. You can adjust size, brightness and color, remove red eye, add text, combine or split photos, create animated GIFs, capture screenshots and more.
Learn more & download today!

Easy image editing
This fast, feature-rich image editor is a great choice for most people who don't need an expensive professional editing program. Work with multiple layers, vector shapes, filters, gradients, text, drawing and more. Free to try.
Learn more & download today!

YouTube Doubler
Double the Weirdness
YouTube videos (some already strange) get even stranger when run side by side in the Doubler. We'll start you off with this bizarre double-feature: Facial Flex infomercial + DJ Q-Bert Scratch Routine. Click Favorites to watch other oddities, or enter any two YouTube URLs to make your own.
Get ready to smile...
How to Stay Cool This Summer
Save money & energy, too! offers their top 10 tips on staying cool...without blasting the air conditioning. Check out these simple reminders and keep your cool.
Cool off now...

Ultimate Grilling & BBQ Guide
Recipes, how-tos, tools & more offers this expansive and authoritative guide to grilling. Don't miss their 21 top burger recipes, helpful how-to videos, grilling menus, and grilling recipes for all kinds of meat, seafood, and veggies.
It's hot stuff... Career Tests
Get help with your career path boasts "scientifically proven and reliable career tests to help you on your unique career path." Get help if you are just starting out, changing careers, or curious about your current career. Tests are typically quick and easy.
Testing 1, 2, 3...

Atlas Obscura
See the world's wonders
This "compendium of the world's wonders, curiosities and esoterica" is fascinating and fun to browse. Discover unusual monuments, inspired inventions, weird weather phenomenon, optical oddities, eccentric homes, exotic islands and more!
Ever seen one of these...

Free phone reminders
This super-easy service lets you schedule calls to your phone (home or mobile) to wake you up, remind you of events and tasks, or even escape a boring meeting. Calls placed from are free; a per-minute fee applies if you choose to sign up for premium services (see the FAQ for details).
Phone's ringing...

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