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Issue #172 | June, 2011
Going Someplace?
Check here first
Summer travel season is almost here. A great place to start your planning is the EarthLink Travel Channel. In addition, check out these Web sites with unique information, advice, and resources for travelers.

Security Tips
From the EarthLink Security Center
The EarthLink Security Center is loaded with valuable security information and advice. Check out some of the most popular recent articles:

LastPass—Win & Mac
Never forget a password
LastPass is a free password manager that can help simplify your Web browsing. It offers free downloads for both Windows and Mac users and integrates seamlessly with most Web browsers. You can even sync it on multiple computers.
Learn more & download today!

Molecules with Most Unusual Names
Crapinion. Penguinone. Bastardane. Dogcollarane. Putrescine and Cadaverine. Curious Chloride and Titanic Chloride. Luciferace and Diabolic acid. Constipatic acid. The list of unusually named molecules, elements, and compounds goes on and on, with more than a few risqué references. But it's all in the name of science.
Erotic acid, anyone?
Essential money-saving site was one of the most popular sites we ever featured (during the last run-up in gas prices). With prices through the roof again, here's a reminder to bookmark the site and find the cheapest gas. There's now also a mobile site and apps for most mobile phones, so you can check prices on the go.
Fill up for less...

Common Ingredient Substitutions
Make it this way instead...
This special feature at helps you solve common cooking and baking dilemmas. Learn which ingredients can substitute for each other (with the proper proportions), and how to make ingredients you don't have.
Dash over there...

Otomata—Sound Art
Click to compose
According to its creator, Otomata is a "generative sequencer" using "cellular automaton type logic to produce sound events." Have we lost you? Hope not. Simply click around on the squares and then press play to listen to your composition.
Sounds good...

Great sports-writing, handpicked
The editorial team from another site devoted to exceptional article writing,, has spun off this site devoted to the best in sports journalism. If you're a true sports fan, it's a must-read.
Read it now...
Now that's funny
As of last month, Jerry Seinfeld finally has his own Web site. The site will feature more than 1,000 videos of his standup comedy act, plus interviews from shows like the Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson. Seinfeld will be selecting just 3 videos per day, so you have to visit often to catch them all.
Time to laugh...

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