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Issue #171 | May, 2011
Be Prepared for Anything
Your online disaster toolkit
Your safety is important to us. That's why EarthLink offers all members free protection tools to help keep you safe online. For your offline safety, we've found Web sites that can help you prepare for a variety of real-world emergencies. We hope you never need them...but it's best to be informed and prepared.

New Ways to Use Google
Real-time search & more
Chances are you're pretty comfortable finding information with Google. But you may have overlooked some of Google's newer features. Next time you search, look at the links in the left column. They'll give you more search options. Click to find images, videos, news, shopping, books, blogs, or discussions (forum posts and blog comments).

Click the More link for other interesting options. Realtime shows you a stream from Twitter related to your search query. A timeline in the upper-right shows you how the Twitter volume has changed over time; move the timeline slider to see tweets from a particular time. The last search category is Recipes.

Depending on which search category you are in, you can also refine the search by time period or location. In News, for example, you can specify the past 24 hours, week, month, or other timeframes.
Try it now

Sendoid—Win & Mac
Unlimited Size File Sharing
Want to send a bunch of photos or other files without clogging your friend's email inbox? Instantly share files of any size with anyone else via a one-time link generated by Sendoid. You can download the simple, free program or send directly from the Web site.
Learn more & download today!

Tighty Whities Are Funny!
Give yourself a break
Here's a quick one: This pictures-only blog post features 5 vintage print ads for men's and boy's underwear. They weren't intended to be funny, but now you can't help but smile.
Under where?
10 Most Dangerous Jobs
Can you guess them?
Click through this quick and informative slideshow to see the top 10 most dangerous jobs in the U.S and view all the stats. Definitely some obvious choices...but also a few surprises. See who's #1...unfortunately.
Be careful

Easy Web Page Printing
Convert any web page to an easy-to-read-and-print PDF with no software to download. Controls let you convert to gray-scale to save color ink, change page size, eliminate images and more.
Click & print
Street View surfing
Artist Jon Rafman created this compelling collection of images from Google Map's massive Street View project to photograph the world's highways and streets. Scroll through the fascinating photos or click the 9-camera image on top to read Rafman's essay about the project.
See the world

Creatures from the Deep
Photos of bizarre deep sea creatures
Click on Gallery to open up an amazing collection of undersea photos of some of the most unusual creatures you'll never see anywhere else: the Dumbo Octopus, Ping-Pong Tree Sponge, Fanfin Sea Devil, the Football Fish and more.
Dive in now

New Yorker Caption Contest
Enter your own, vote for winners
The New Yorker magazine is famous for its witty cartoons. Now, you get to join in the fun. Write your own captions for caption-less cartoons, vote for contest winners, and check out the ones judged best.
Enter & vote

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