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Best of 2010
The Year in 10 Lists
For our first issue of 2011, let's take a quick look back at all the best of 2010. The best movies, music, books, and iPhone® apps; the best dressed celebrities, best companies to work for, and more.

EarthLink Accelerator
Free download for Windows & Mac
Dial-up users: Here's a free way to make your 2011 Internet experience faster and easier than ever: EarthLink Accelerator. Our software, for both Windows & Mac computers, turbo-charges your Web browser so you can surf up to 7x faster.** You'll even download email faster. Accelerator is easy to set up and works automatically. It's not a high-speed connection, but it's the next best thing. Download Accelerator today!
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Weirdest News of 2010
See slideshow of 13 oddball stories
Check out this Huffington Post slideshow to see their picks for weirdest stories of the year. A man forced to eat his own beard? A guy with a camera implanted in the back of his head? A parrot arrested as a drug dealer? Yup. Yup. Yup.
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10 Tips for a Happier 2011
From the top 10 psychology experiments
Learn the secrets to happiness (or happier-ness) from 10 quick summaries of important experiments: how to break bad habits, manage your time, have more willpower, feel more powerful, and more! They should help you keep those New Year's resolutions, too.
Here's to your happiness

The hidden side of everything
This blog, based on the mega-bestselling Freakonomics and SuperFreakonomics books, offers a fascinating, "rogue economist" analysis of our daily lives. You can also subscribe to the free podcast.
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Exercise TV
Watch it & get fit
Still cold outside? Stay in and get fit by watching 100s of free workout videos, categorized by exercise type, like cardio, and body areas, like abs. There are plenty of premium training options as well.
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Find better wines
Snooth is the largest interactive wine database, with helpful reviews for beginners and experts. Its social network of wine lovers is large and active and there are many ways to get customized information.

How big stuff really is
This cool online tool from the BBC helps you visualize large things – like the BP oil spill, the Great Wall of China, or the moon – by letting you overlay them on a map. Enter your zip code, your state, or any other location. The moon, BTW, stretches from the east coast of Virginia to Las Vegas.
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Carbonite Online Backup
Help protect your digital pictures and documents with unlimited backup to a world-class, secure, remote facility.
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