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Social Media 101
Summer socializing on the small screen
ROFL, I just friended a girl who retweeted something funny that's trending. Believe it or not, every word in that sentence is correct according to the latest AP Style Guide. Social media looks crazy from the outside, but it's simpler than you might think. See for yourself...

Your Own Web Page, in a Snap

Did you know that EarthLink members (and Web Hosting customers) get free access to Site Builder? Site Builder is a simple online tool that helps get your Web page built and published in minutes.

Don't have a Web page yet? EarthLink members automatically get a free page with plenty of storage and no hassles. It's simply a matter of deciding that you want a page, then going to Site Builder to make one.
For more details, visit Site Builder now.

And if you want more than just one page, check out our Hosting packages to find the package that fits you best.

Windows—FreeRip MP3
Rip music to your computer
This free little program lets you easily rip CDs to your computer, as well as convert music files from MP3 to a variety of other formats.
Learn more and download today!

Settings done YOUR way
TinkerTool makes it easy to change all sorts of little settings on your Mac (like having scrollbar arrows at the top and bottom). Itís free and quick to download and install, and can help you get your Mac just how you want it.
Learn more and download today!

Find Awesomeness Everywhere
Not for the small of heart
In June 2008, this blog started posting one awesome thing every day (like high-fiving babies and "the perfect egg crack"), and claims that it'll go until it hits 1,000. Catch it while it's still awesome!
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Do More with My Account

Share What You Know (and Want to Know)
Never wonder if a restaurant is any good
This hugely popular site hosts reviews of every imaginable local spot, from salons to the nearest Korean Fusion nightspot. You and your neighbors write the reviews and share the knowledge.
Learn more!

Define Technical Terms in a Femtosecond
What did that guy just say?
Ok, it takes longer than a femtosecond, but you can find and define any of thousands of technical terms you might hear or read about. The Web page isn't pretty, but it gets the job done!
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Laugh AT Them, Not WITH Them
Finding and destroying smugness
When people use Twitter to let you know how rich they are, or how handsome, they're just tweeting too hard. This site gathers the best and funniest of those smug tweets and lets you vote for the worst offenders.
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Use the Power of the Internet to Save Cash
Sharing isn't just for kindergarten
This site is driven by people like you who find great deals on the Net, then let everyone know about them. Check it out to save money on everything from batteries to summer dresses.
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Americana at its Wackiest
Next left, "Dead Frog Circus"
America is huge and beautiful, and it's also filled with amazingly quirky roadside attractions. Get your fill of an arch made from elk horns, or "Queen Califia's Magical Circle Garden."
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