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Get Your Body Ready for Summer
Are you ready for shorts season?
Warmer months mean bathing suits and short sleeves. If you hibernated through the winter, you might want a little help getting back in shape. Well, here it is...

New Mobile Email page just for phones

You may know that you can set up your smartphone or Peek to receive EarthLink email. But did you know that there's a Web Mail page designed specifically for phones? It's faster-loading, and just the right size for a cell phone screen.

Rather than visiting the regular Web Mail site, point your phone's browser to:

For more details, visit the EarthLink Mobile Email page.

FreeRAM XP Pro — Windows
Wrangle your RAM and rev your computer
This program helps you free up RAM to get your computer humming along faster. It has settings for beginners and experts, and it's free!
Learn more and download today!

TeamViewer — Mac
Share computers over the Internet
TeamViewer lets you share desktops, files, and more over any Internet connection. It's free to use non-commercially, whether you want to show your vacation pics or help your kids do something complicated on the Mac.
Learn more and download today!

Let Me Google That for You
Passive-aggressive fun!
If your friends ask questions that they could easily find answers to, this link is for you. You'll still answer the question, but with a link that shows them how they could have Googled it all by themselves.
Click here to give it a try!

Do More with My Account

Get Prepared
Advice for emergency preparation
This government-run site helps you plan for any kind of emergency. Download a shopping list for your emergency kit, watch preparedness videos, and more.
Learn More

Tips for Saving Money on Insurance
Brag to your insurer and save cash
Does your car have an airbag? Tell your insurer and you could save money. This article lists tons of ways to pay less for insurance and bulk up your fiscal fitness.
Learn More

Get That Pothole Fixed
A direct line from you to your community
This site uses the Internet to help communities find and fix issues. If you see a pothole, or graffiti, for example, report it online where the right people can find it and take care of it.
Learn More

Exercise Your Brain Muscle
Do a little to learn a lot
Based on memory research, this free site helps you set a goal (like, learn the countries of Europe), then reach it painlessly, by studying about 5 minutes a day. It's dynamic and fun, and you'll learn without knowing it.
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Can't We All Just Get Along?
Unusual animal friendships
There may not be any lions lying with lambs, but would you believe a hamster and a snake? This site shows surprising picture after picture of animals you wouldn't expect to be pals.
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EarthLink Offers

EarthLink's Touch-Fill-Go™ Update and Sale!
A Better iPhone App for 40% Off
Touch-Fill-Go lets you take a picture of a form or receipt, then fill it out, sign it, and email it.
Now you can import any PDF from any Web site!
And to celebrate becoming a truly complete end-to-end solution, Touch-Fill-Go is now on sale for $2.99.
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Our Best Web Hosting Deal—Free domain & more
Sign up for EarthLink's lowest-cost & most popular Web Hosting plan and get a FREE domain name (like plus FREE setup. Our free Site Builder makes it quick and easy to build a professional-looking Web site with no experience necessary.
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Partner Offers

Protect your online accounts with ID Vault
Stop identity theft! Sign in securely to your 5 favorite online accounts, plus save passwords and usernames—FREE!
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Stay connected anywhere, anytime with unlimited mobile email & texting from Peek! Learn More

* Additional phone company charges and usage restrictions may apply for dial-up accounts. Please check with your local phone company to make sure that the access number you select is a toll-free call.

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