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Spring Cleaning!
Wake your house from hibernation
Even the groundhog is convinced: Spring is here! And with the flowers and sunshine comes the dance of the mops, brooms, and lemony-fresh scents. Say goodbye to winter with these tips for bringing spring sparkle to your home.

Dial-Up Connection? Surf Sites Faster!
Did you know: Hundreds of Web sites have fast versions, perfect for dial-up users (and anyone who wants to speed up). But they're not easy to find. The EarthLink Toolbar's "show fast site" feature shows you the fast versions, making it easier to find what you want without waiting.
  • Absolutely FREE with your EarthLink Toolbar, and runs automatically.
  • Detects hundreds of fast Web sites and alerts you when it finds one.
  • Fully customizable. Choose to see the fast or standard version for each site.
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Zip and Unzip files with ease
If you need to archive or unarchive files, 7-Zip may be all you need.
Learn more and download today!

The Unarchiver—Mac
Unarchive whatever is thrown at you
The Unarchiver can unpack practically any file you find, including those with filenames that contain foreign characters. It's the Swiss Army Knife for getting files open and unpacked.
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That's Not a Phone...That's a Banana!
For all your "talking on a banana" needs
Simplicity itself: An entire site dedicated to showing people talking on bananas instead of phones. This was a need we didn't know we had until it was fulfilled.
See the a-peel yourself

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Feed Your Nostalgia
Photos of yesterday, today
A Web site devoted to showing old photos (like you and your brother wearing cowboy costumes as kids), side-by-side with present-day re-enactments of those photos by the people in them. It's sweet and funny, and a hugely enjoyable waste of time.
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Read Someone's Mail
Personal letters worth public reading
A growing collection of private letters, memos, and other correspondence from all sorts of people (whether great leaders and famous movies stars, or unknown soldiers or children). These letters are always fascinating.
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Work Awesome—The New Job
Starting off right in a new workplace
New job? These five quick tips can help you start off right during this stressful transition.
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Get the Scoop on the Beautiful People
Style, Fashion, and Celebs
Keeping up with the Jones' is fine, but if you want to keep up with the Pitts and Paltrows, this is your site. Celebrity style and fashion are on display for your appreciation and amusement.
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Find the Best of the Web
Where did you find that link?
If you're looking for the most interesting Web sites out there, this page is your one-stop-shop. It's not pretty, but it's exhaustive. Hundreds of the best links on the Net, organized into simple categories.
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* Additional phone company charges and usage restrictions may apply for dial-up accounts. Please check with your local phone company to make sure that the access number you select is a toll-free call.

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