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Tax-Time Again?!
We hope to make it less bad
With the tax deadline only a month away, we've pulled these links together to help you prepare for the inevitable. With the right advice, tax season can be... not fun, but maybe not as bad as you thought. Waiting a bit before you dive in? You might want to bookmark a few of these so you'll have them when you're ready.

Gadwin PrintScreen—Windows
Easy-to-use free screenshot tool
This little program takes your Print Screen button to whole new heights. Take a screenshot of your whole screen, or just a selected part of it. Then paste it where you like, save it to a folder of your choice, or send it directly to your printer or an email message.
Learn more and download today!

Free and simple screenshots for pros
Take pictures of anything on your screen, then mark it up with text, arrows, circles, and more. Drag the finished image to a doc, your desktop, or anywhere. You can even upload it to a special free page on the Web (or anyplace you like).
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Cereal Killer
Flowcharting your morning bowl
It's 7:00 a.m. and you're not ready for decision-making. A heaping bowl of Cheerios might hit the spot, but maybe it's a Golden Grahams morning. Stumped? This flowchart helps solve the first dilemma of your day.
Serve it with milk...

Do More with My Account

See the World, Photo by Photo
Armchair travel with stunning pics
Until airline prices come down, this may be the best way to travel. Choose any spot on the globe for a frequently updated list of beautiful local photos. Search using keywords, or just skip around the planet. No inoculations needed.
Go exploring

Switch to Cheaper Bills
Find the cheapest services and save
Unless your last name is Gates, you'd probably like to save a few bucks on bills and gas. Plug in how much you pay for stuff and let BillShrink find cheaper options. It's a free, simple, and quick way to stash some cash.
Start saving now...

What's in Your Pantry?
Cooking by Numbers
Got stuff in your fridge, but no idea what to make for dinner? No more! Select the ingredients you have, then see a list of recipes that might fit. Potential dishes are sorted by how closely they match what you’ve already got lying around.
Find mealtime inspiration...

Travel with Confidence
All your travel plans in one spot
Stay organized and hassle-free on your next trip. This site keeps all your trip details organized, plus shows weather, maps, and warnings about delays. It can even synch with your smart phone. called this one of the 50 best sites of 2009.
Get organized...

Be Your Own Secret Santa
Control freaks beware
This site has a simple premise: Buy something for 10 bucks and they'll send you something worth more than that. The catch? You don't know what they're going to send! You can see what they've sent to others, but not to you. It's a small price for a whimsical surprise. And they pay shipping.

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Try Netflix!
Netflix Online DVD Rentals—Only $4.99/mo. Fast free shipping.

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