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Valentine's Day Watch
Facts and advice from the front lines of love
Love it or hate it, it's hard to ignore Valentine's Day. This month's round-up shows you how it got to be this way, and how to get brownie points without spending too much green.

Revo Uninstaller—Windows
A better way to uninstall programs
A fast, powerful alternative to the built-in Windows add/remove programs feature, Revo Uninstaller also gives you the option to remove unnecessary files that are sometimes left behind.
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Faster and more thorough uninstalls
AppTrap features a simple System Preference pane that makes it easy to delete programs, without hunting down all the files associated with them.
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Fill in the Blank Love Letters
Be a Romeo (or Juliet) without the hassle
Deeply in love, but have no skill with the pen? This site is for you. Pick from over a hundred love letters, then fill in the key words, like names, adjectives, and more. It's Mad Libs® for the heart.
Fill one ___ today...

Do you want to make a secure payment to your EarthLink account? Or maybe you'd like to update your credit card info or create a new email address?

You can do this and more right from your computer, using My Account: EarthLink's easy-to-use, fast, and secure account management Web site.

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Find Your New Favorite Sites
See the best stuff, targeted to you
Rather than searching for great Web pages, you can now choose the subjects you're interested in and let pages come to you. Save what you like and toss the rest, or rate them to help others find the good stuff. This site has gotten lots of attention as the next great thing for surfing the Net.
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Stay Fit at Your Desk
How to work out while working
Are you becoming an office-chair potato? Working long hours doesn't have to mean putting on pounds or becoming sedentary. Follow these tips to get a bit of exercise and stay more fit during the workday.
Get moving...

Why Buy New Books? Swap!
Choose from millions of books to swap
Those paperbacks weighing down your shelves are someone else's favorite books. Why let them grow moldy when you can swap them for the books you want? You pay postage on those you send, and choose others to come to your door for free.
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This Elegant Universe
Untie String Theory's knots
This miniseries about the universe and String Theory covers the very latest thinking about what we're all made of. Think you only need a few dimensions to get by? Think again! Watch the entire three-hour miniseries, or just a bite-size chunk.
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Imperial History of the Mid-East
Who owned what, when?
5,000 years of history in a 90 second flash animation. There are no politics or controversies; just colors showing which empires and rulers covered what territory from 3000 B.C.E. to 2006. Sit back and watch as empires grow and die.
Watch the world change...

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