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Cool (FREE) Tools
To enhance your life online
Do more online, and do it better with this round-up of free tools from around the Web* (and a couple from your friends here at EarthLink). Happy surfing...and happy holidays!

Internet Explorer 8 Compatibility View
With the release of Windows 7, Microsoft made Internet Explorer 8 the default Web browser of the operating system. Internet Explorer 8 includes many updated security and Web viewing features to improve your browsing experience, especially on newer Web sites.

Microsoft also introduced a new Compatibility View feature to improve your experience with older Web site designs. The Compatibility View feature allows Internet Explorer 8 to redisplay a Web site the same way Internet Explorer 7 would have.

Most pages will not require the use of the Compatibility View button. However, it can be a very helpful feature if a page is not being correctly displayed in the new browser. Problems could include links that don't line up correctly with their corresponding icons or images that are out of alignment with the rest of the page.

IE Toolbar

You'll see the Internet Explorer 7 Compatibility View button next to the browser's Address Bar when accessing a site with an older design. The button looks like a broken or torn page and can easily be turned on or off by simply clicking on the icon.

Twitter & Facebook & more
TweetDeck is a "social media browser," a free application you can download to help you stay in touch with all your contacts on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and other networks.
Learn more and download today!

Free image manipulation program
Widely praised as a top Photoshop replacement program, Gimp is a free open-source download. Use it to retouch and enhance photos, and compose and author images. It's not the simplest program to get started with, but if you want to do more with your photos it may be worth a little extra effort.
Learn more and download today!

A/V Geeks
Old school films that "educate"
You may remember them...all those low-budget black & white short films that were supposed to mold you into "proper" young men and women; scare you about the evils of tooth decay, promiscuity or communism; or encourage you to respect your elders. Take your pick from this treasure trove of over 22,000 from the 30's—70's.
Funny stuff...

Verify Your Payment Method
Using My Account
Is the expiration date for your credit or debit card coming up soon? Maybe you've received a new card and need to update your payment method with EarthLink? Avoid an unnecessary call to customer service and verify your payment information with My Account! Simply log into My Account and click on Billing Information, and you can verify or make changes to your payment method. It's quick, easy, and secure. To access the Billing Information section of EarthLink My Account directly, click here.
Do More with My Account

Winter Wise Tips
Stay warm, save money
There are lots of little things you can do around the house to help you have a healthy winter with lower heating bills. The EPA provides these seasonal tips to help you reduce indoor radon, heat your house safely and efficiently, and lower your bills.
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Must Pop Words—Free Game
Test your word skills
Like Boggle or other word games? Try this free online game that challenges you to pop bubbles by forming words out of the letters floating in them. Keep the box from filling up with bubbles or the game's over. It gets harder as you go.
How many can you get...

Dinner Party Checklist
Make sure you're ready
Print out this step-by-step checklist from Real Simple to make sure that you're well prepared for your holiday party. That way, you can relax and have fun too!
Get it? Got it. Good...

Digital camera tips & reviews
This award-winning site offers you helpful info about buying and using digital cameras. Check out the photography tips, photo editing tricks, or the beginners guide if you're just starting out.
It's a flash...

Phonezoo—Free Ringtones
Create from your own music
Phonezoo makes it simple to take the music you own and make it into free, custom ringtones for your phone. After free registration, click Create Ringtone and follow the directions—choosing your phone, phone service, and the part of the song you want to hear.
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