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Popular Tech Tips
Here's how to do it...
Want to learn how to send text messages (for free) with your email? Or install more memory in your computer? Use Firefox better? Well, here's a collection of popular tech tips from several of the Web's top tech sites with all that info—and more!

Upgrading to Windows® 7 operating system?
Your email options
Microsoft recently launched its highly-anticipated Windows 7 operating system. If you're thinking about upgrading to Windows 7 or buying a new computer with Windows 7 on it, there are a few things you should know with regards to your EarthLink email.

Windows 7 does not include a default email program, such as Outlook Express or Windows Mail. But don't worry; you'll still be able to access your EarthLink email. You'll just need to decide how you want to check email.

The easiest way is to use EarthLink Web Mail at Web Mail lets you quickly and easily access your email from any Internet connected computer.

Another easy option is to download Microsoft's free Windows Live™ Mail. Click the Download button on the right to get started (additional program downloads are optional). For help with your EarthLink email settings, click here.

EarthLink Toolbar — Windows
New Fast Site & Site Advisor
The new & improved, free EarthLink Toolbar now includes a faster site finder feature that lets you view faster-loading, slimmed down versions of popular websites. You'll also get SiteAdvisor Plus, which provides real-time protection from dangerous "phishing" websites. Pop-Up Blocker, search, and all the other popular features of the earlier version are also included.
Learn more and download today!

Evernote — Windows & Mac
Save notes & more
Clip a Web page, snap a photo, take a screenshot, or even jot down a text note...Evernote will help you  capture, save, and then organize the things that you find worthwhile using your computer, phone, and the Web, in a way that is easily searchable. You can even search for text within images. Access your notes from your computer or smart phone. Requires free registration.
Learn more and download today!

Cheese or Font?
Can you guess which?
Simply weird & weirdly simple, this site presents you with a series of names. Your task? To click which you think it is, a kind of Cheese or the name of a Font. Helvetica, evidently, is the easiest to guess. Rudelsberg, the hardest (but is that cheese...or font?).
Play now...

EarthLink Billing Made Easy
Do It Faster with My Account!
Want to take care of some billing issues fast? Then open your Web browser and go to There you can quickly and easily update your credit card info, make a secure one-time payment, change payment method, view past invoices, change your billing address, change your billing email address, and prepay for service at a discount.
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Do More with My Account

400 Richest People in U.S.
Who's on top? Who missed the list? released its annual list of America's very richest people in October. Their total net worth is over $1 trillion (yes, trillion with a t). Their average net worth is over $3 billion each. The youngest member is just 25 years old.
See just how rich they are...

Ball Revamped 5—Free Game
Pop goes the fun
Can you steer the bubble through the maze without popping? You have to fight gravity, inertia, and power-ups, so it's not simple—but it is fun.
See how far you get...

Process Library
What's running on your PC?
Is something running on your computer that shouldn't be? Slowing it down, making you less safe? This free online database lists what should and should not be running on your PC. Get detailed advice on whether the processes are important and find out if you should terminate processes or leave them running.
Good to know...

The Simple Dollar
Blog that really makes cents
Here's a blog for "those of us who need both cents and sense: people fighting debt and bad spending habits while building a financially secure future." Click on over to find simple ways to manage your finances and save a little money.
Start saving...

Top 10 Riskiest Foods...
Avoid food-borne illness
This top-10 list of foods regulated by the Food and Drug Administration account for nearly 40% of all food-borne outbreaks. Leafy greens, eggs, and tuna top the list. Click through for the full top 10.
Bon appetit...

EarthLink Offers

Web Hosting Deal—get a Free domain name
Sign up for EarthLink's lowest-cost & most popular Web Hosting plan and get a FREE domain name (like plus FREE setup. Our free Site Builder makes it quick and easy to build a professional-looking Web site with no experience necessary.
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Get a great deal on high-speed DSL Internet! EarthLink DSL gives you instant broadband connections up to 6Mbps and comes with a free DSL modem. Keep your email address when you upgrade.
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Need more speed? Our blazing-fast EarthLink Cable Internet gives you instant access up to 10Mbps. Keep your EarthLink email address when you upgrade. Plus, no contracts!
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