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Fighting Swine Flu & Other Winter Health Problems
Unfortunately, it's cold and flu season again. And this year, swine flu is looming as an increased risk. Fortunately, there are things you can do to help protect yourself or more effectively treat yourself if you get sick. Here's to your health this winter...

How to Stop Blocking Pop-Ups You Need
On the Web, most pop-ups are just annoying ads. But some pop-ups contain important information that you need to access in order to complete forms or download programs.

If you're using our free EarthLink Toolbar and it blocks a pop-up you need to see, you can simply disable pop-up blocking for that site in the Toolbar. To do this, click the down arrow on the Toolbar's Pop-Up Blocker button and select Add this Web site to my Allow List. This will allow the site you're on to display pop-ups.

If you're not using our Toolbar, but are still having legitimate pop-ups blocked, your browser may be the problem. Most modern browsers such as Internet Explorer 7, 8, or Firefox include their own pop-up blockers. In Internet Explorer 7 and 8, click on the Tools menu, then Pop-up blocker and finally Pop-up blocker Settings to add a website to the exceptions list. In Firefox, click on Tools, then Options, then the Content tab and access the Block pop-up windows - Exceptions button to add a web site to the exception list.

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Firefox 3.5 — Windows/Mac
Get the latest browser
The Firefox Web browser has received numerous awards & accolades for its speed, security, and customization options. Get the latest version today and see for yourself.
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5 Free iPhone Apps
Can they change your life?
Do you use an iPhone? CNET writer Rick Brodia (a.k.a. The Cheapskate) picks 5 free iPhone apps that he thinks can improve your life. One can replace all the membership/rewards cards in your wallet. Another can help if you have an accident. Another can help you go to sleep. Really
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Gravy Wrestling
2009 World Championships
Yes, it appears, there is a world championship for GRAVY WRESTLING. In England. Kind of like mud wrestling, but savory rather than unsavory. If you've got 1 ½ minutes, you can catch all the simmering action.
Have a taste...

What Are My Plan Details?
Find out with My Account!

You can review your current subscribed EarthLink services at any time by clicking the My Plan Details link in My Account.

The My Plan Details page also provides you with information about additional products from EarthLink. Just look to the right and you will see the section labeled Other Available Services; click on the More Info link for any product listed to see detailed information. If you are interested in purchasing the product, click the button labeled either "Enable Now" or "Order Now" and then finalize your transaction.

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10 Ways We're Wrong About Risk
What's really dangerous today!
We fear snakes, not cars. We fear cancer, not heart disease. We speed up when we put seat belts on. Teenagers may think too much about risk, not too little. Learn 10 ways most people get the odds wrong about risk (and why) in this fascinating look at human psychology.
Get the odds right...

Budget Friendly Meals
How to savor & save
Want to eat well for less? Check out's budget-friendly meal selection for 10 meals under $10, top recipes for ground beef, quick meals that cost less than take out, and tips for buying in bulk and cheaper meal planning.
Eat up for less...

Personal movie recommendations
This interactive movie recommendation and community site helps you find good movies you might have overlooked. Start by ranking 10 movies (from 0-100) and Criticker will show you a list of users who also liked the movies you liked and other movies they liked that you might have missed.
Find new flicks...

2009's Best Astronomy Photos
See the winning images
Take a few minutes to check out the winning photographs (and all the runners-up) from the 2009 Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition, sponsored by the Royal Observatory in England. The photos are literally out of this world!

7 Things You're Wasting Your Money On
Save up to $1000 a year
Do you have $1000 to waste? Didn't think so. The Wall Street Journal offers some ways to avoid common budget-busters that really add up, like bottled water, overdraft fees, and more. By their calculation, cutting back could save you roughly $1000 a year.
Start saving...

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