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Your Family, Your History
Genealogy & family resources online
Interested in finding out about your family history? Reconnecting with lost relatives? Building a family tree? Sharing family memories? Well, the Web is really the best place to do it all these days. We hope these resources can help you get started...
  •—step-by-step guide to starting your family tree
  •—comprehensive genealogy list (text-only page, good for dial-up users)
  •—popular genealogy site (~14 million users); make a free family tree
  • -- free family history, family tree and genealogy records & resources
  •—free family tree making service
  •—interactive family tree + photo album, video & more
  •—share your family tree & photos; download free tree maker
  • Maps—see which states have the most people with your last name
  •—free family app for social networks (Facebook, MySpace, Bebo & more)
  •—build your own private family website (Free)

Web Browser Shortcuts
For simpler, smoother surfing
Save time and effort on the Web by using your keyboard as you surf. Here are some popular keyboard shortcuts that work on most recent browsers (on a Mac, use the Command key instead of Ctrl). Happy surfing!

Arrows: Scroll the page up or down.
Home: Go to the top of the page.
End: Go to the bottom of the page.
Alt + left arrow: Back to previous page.
Ctrl + T: Open a new browser tab.
Ctrl + + [PLUS key]: Make font larger.
Ctrl + - [MINUS key]: Make font smaller.
Ctrl + F: Find word(s) on the page.
Ctrl + R: Reload the page.
Esc: Stop loading the page.
Ctrl + P: Print the page.

More shortcuts for Internet Explorer®

More shortcuts for Firefox®

Smart Defrag — Windows
Free defragmentation utility
Defragmenting your hard drive can help keep your PC in good shape. This free utility helps you do that quickly and easily. There's even a scheduler that lets you defrag whenever you want.
Learn more and download today!

Google® Quick Search Box — Mac
Search your Mac & the Web
Google Quick Search Box is a free, open source program that lets you search both your computer and the Web. Then, right from the search results, you can launch programs, play songs, email your friends, and more.
Learn more and download today!

83 Optical Illusions
Visual fun + science
Take a few minutes to explore this amazing collection of optical illusions. There are well written explanations plus interactive enhancements. Browse the categories listed on the bottom or click the small Tour > and Next > buttons to go from illusion to illusion.
Very cool...

Updating Your Contact Information
It's a breeze with My Account!
As the old adage says, "the only constant is change." So it's good to know that when your life changes, you can quickly and easily update the contact information for your EarthLink account right from your Web browser with our account-management website. By using My Account to keep your address, phone numbers, and contact preferences current, you'll help ensure that you won't miss an invoice or another important communication from EarthLink! Take a minute to make sure this information is current right now.

Check your contact information

Do More with My Account

10 Ways to Look Good in Photos
Why not look your best?
With everyone snapping digital photos these days, why not look your best? Here are 10 simple tips that anyone can follow, like putting the tip of your tongue behind your teeth when you smile to relax your face. See what the other 9 are...
Say cheeeeeese...

Seafood Watch
What should you be eating?
Find out what your best seafood choices are, based on both sustainability and health. Learn which farm-raised fish may be bad for your health and get safe and healthy alternatives. Select your region for more specific information.
Watch what you eat...

Laptop Buying Guide
Reviews, tips & more
September is often one of the best months to get a good deal on a computer. If you're in the market, check out CNET's 2009 laptop review roundup. There's also an interactive laptop finder to help you choose the right one for you.
Good deal...

Art that evolves...with your help
Check out this interactive, collaborative art site. Start a new image, improve others' images, or rate images and improvements. Works evolve based on collaborative ratings.
See it in action...

50 Ways to Be Persuasive
How to get a YES
Why do people agree to do things? Or not? Skim through these 50 "scientifically proven" ways to be persuasive (it's pretty quick reading, with just a short paragraph for each one). It's an interesting mix of ideas and insights that could benefit you. Don't miss out...
Yes you can...

EarthLink Offers

Web Site Hosting—get a Free domain name
Sign up for EarthLink's lowest-cost & most popular Web Hosting plan and get a FREE domain name (like plus FREE setup. Our free Site Builder makes it quick and easy to build a professional-looking Web site with no experience necessary.
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DSL Internet—starting at $12.95/mo.
Get a great deal on high-speed DSL Internet! EarthLink DSL gives you instant broadband connections up to 6Mbps and comes with a free DSL modem. Keep your email address when you upgrade.
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High Speed Cable Internet—speeds up to 10Mbps
Need more speed? Our blazing-fast EarthLink Cable Internet gives you instant access up to 10Mbps. Keep your EarthLink email address when you upgrade. Plus, no contracts!
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Partner Offers

Try Netflix!
Netflix Online DVD Rentals—Only $4.99/mo. Fast free shipping.

* Additional phone company charges and usage restrictions may apply for dial-up accounts. Please check with your local phone company to make sure that the selected access number is a toll-free call.