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It's a Home Run!
Real estate & moving resources
Whether you're planning to move or just curious about your current home or neighborhood, check out our collection of moving and real estate links. One of them could be a home run for you...

EarthLink Web Mail Tips
Top ways to customize your email

Start by signing in at; then click the Preferences link in the upper-right. You will see 4 tabs. We'll outline the most popular ways to customize and give you some helpful tips.

  • Email Forwarding—you can have incoming email forwarded to up to 10 other email addresses
  • Anonymous Email—activate free anonymous addresses to guard your real address
  • Session Expiration—set Web Mail session length so you don't have to log in every time
Message Display
  • Messages Displayed—choose how many messages are listed per page (choose 10 if using dial-up)
  • Message Preview—only turn preview on if you're using a high-speed connection
Sending & Replying
  • Automatic Preferences—set up an email signature or a vacation message if you're going away
Address Book
  • Import Address Book—add contacts to Web Mail from another email program (very important if you are using the highest spamBlocker setting).
  • Edit Blocked Senders—have incoming messages from specific email addresses or domains automatically deleted.
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Digsby — Windows
Free IM, email & social network integration
Digsby lets you chat with your friends on AIM, MSN, Yahoo, Google Talk and other instant messaging clients all from one integrated buddy lists. You can also keep up with email from multiple accounts, as well as Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites. Very cool.
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Skitch — Mac
Free fun with images
Skitch is a fun screen capture tool that lets you grab images of web sites, applications, chats or your photos, and then annotate them with circles, arrows or text (either typed or freehand). It's quick and easy to use and lots of fun.
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Fancy Fast Food
Is that really a Whopper?
See how some of the country's most popular fast food items can be disassembled, reassembled and recooked so they look like gourmet grub. As the site says: "Yeah, it's still bad for you—but see how good it can look!"
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Free Email Addresses
Set yours up now in My Account
Did you know that your EarthLink Internet access subscription includes 8 free email addresses? These free extra mailboxes allow you share your EarthLink membership with your family, or between work and home, while keeping everyone's separate email inboxes and Web preferences private. You can choose your extra email addresses in the Email Profiles section of My Account. Enjoy!

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23 Ways to Beat the Heat
Cool off? No sweat!
Did you know that in some conditions you'll beat the heat by hanging a wet sheet in your window? Or by having your fans blow out the window instead of in. Or by freezing a sock full of rice? Learn more about these and other simple ways to stay cool and save energy in the process.
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Paddle Ball—Free Game
Can you keep it going?
Take a quick break to play this super-simple but challenging online game. You try to keep a ping-pong ball bouncing on a paddle without hitting the ground. It's harder than it sounds. The record was 816 when we checked...but 10 is a good start.
Bounce, bounce, bounce...

How Fat Is Your State?
Interactive map & detailed report
Scroll your mouse over this interactive U.S. map to see which states had the highest and lowest rates of obesity. According the recent report, F as in Fat, 31 states now have obesity rates over 25%. Read the report overview on the main page or download the PDF for all the details.
Time to get fit...

Football Outsiders
All in the numbers
This is a different kind of football site. One that takes a "Money Ball"-type look at the game that's heavy on new kinds of in-depth statistics. With the football season (college & pro) rapidly approaching, now's the perfect time to check it out. See the FO Basics page for a good overview.
It's Fan-tastic...

Today's Hottest Business Opportunities
Want to start something new?
This slide-show from shows you the very best industries for starting a business right now. Take a quick look, just in case you need (or want) to start something new.
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EarthLink Offers

Freestanding DSL service—no phone line needed
Wish you could get DSL without the added expense of a home phone line? If you live in Verizon territory, our Freestanding DSL could be the perfect solution. You'll get speeds up to 50x faster than dial-up** with no home phone service needed. Save an average of $240 a year.*** Check availability on our website.
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Cable Internet service—speeds up to 10Mbps
Blazing fast EarthLink High Speed Cable gives you Internet access up to 10Mbps, instant connections, and more. Keep your EarthLink email address, too. Plus, no long term contracts.
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Web Hosting service—Only $9.98/mo.
Sign up now for EarthLink Web Hosting service and get a free domain name (like plus free setup. Our free Site Builder makes it quick and easy to build a professional-looking Web site with no experience necessary.
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Partner Offers

Try Netflix!
Netflix Online DVD Rentals—Only $4.99/mo. Fast free shipping.

* Additional phone company charges and usage restrictions may apply for dial-up accounts. Please check with your local phone company to make sure that the selected access number is a toll-free call.

** Speed comparison based on 56 Kbps modem. Actual speeds may vary depending on distance, line quality, and phone service provider.

*** Savings based on average basic calling plan (with no long distance or additional features) of $12.72 + all applicable state, local and federal fees, surcharges, and taxes.