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Summer Sampler
Hot links for hot times

Summer's here. So here's our collection of seasonal links to keep you well fed, help you save energy, protect your skin, get in summer shape, and stay well read. Enjoy...

3 Simple Solutions
For Common Dial-Up Connection Problems
Dial-up connection problems are frustrating, but they're usually very simple to resolve. If you ever have trouble connecting with your dial-up modem, remember these quick fixes.

1. Check all cords & cables: Is your phone line securely plugged into both the modem and the wall jack? If your modem is external, are all connections to your computer and the modem's power source snug?

2. Double-check your username & password: Your username and password are both case sensitive, so make sure that your Caps Lock is off and retype both. If you've forgotten your password, you can reset it here. (Allow up to 20 minutes to activate.)

3. Restart your computer: Turn your computer off for 30 seconds, and then power it up again. This can reset software that may be frozen.

If Your Modem Still Won't Connect: Go to to initiate a chat session with a Technical Support Representative, or give us a call at 1-888-EarthLink. You may be experiencing hardware failure or another issue requiring expert troubleshooting.

Stellarium — Windows & Mac
Free planetarium for your computer
Stellarium is a free open source planetarium for your computer. It shows a realistic sky in 3D, just like what you see with the naked eye, binoculars or a telescope.
Learn more and download today!

Avidmux — Windows & Mac
Free video editor
Avidemux is a free open source digital video editor that is designed for simple cutting, filtering, and encoding. The program supports AVI, DVD compatible MPEG, MP4, and ASF file formats.
Learn more and download today...

Gallery of Slime Molds
Strangely beautiful photos
Have you really stopped to look at a slime mold lately? Didn't think so. So here's your chance. Check out this surprisingly beautiful gallery colorful, exotic-looking fungi-like organisms known as slime molds.
Fun with fungi...

Planning a Move?
It's easy to move your EarthLink service
With EarthLink's nationwide network, you can take your EarthLink service just about anywhere. We've created a special Moving page on our Support Center to help make it easy.

Just click on the type of EarthLink service you use, follow the simple steps, and you'll be back online before you know it.

Go to our Moving page

Do More with My Account

*Additional phone company charges and usage restrictions may apply for dial-up accounts. Please check with your local phone company to make sure that the selected access number is a toll-free call.

Soundory—Free Online Game
Like Concentration...with music
There are 20 cards. Click on a card to listen to a clip of music. Repeat. And see how quickly you can find all the musical pairs. Take a couple of minutes to try this fun audio memory game. And then a couple more to try to get better.
Sounds like fun...

Try it before you buy it
Thinking of buying a new cell phone or smart phone? Then you might want to stop at TryPhone first. This unique interactive site lets you test drive mobile devices (actually pressing buttons and selecting menus) as well as watch demos. It's pretty cool.
Try it now...

Amazing star gazing
Here's a great astronomy site for both astronomy buffs and those of us who just like to see amazing images of comets, galaxies, nebula, and more. Click into the Astro Photo or The Collection sections for images. There's also news, a forum and a blog.
So many stars...

Prescription drug discounts
Want to save money on your prescription drugs? Medtipster is an easy-to-use search tool that helps you find prescription drugs at discount generic programs in your area (just enter your area code). Many for as little as $4. You can also find local pharmacies that do immunizations and health screenings.
Save $$$...

NPR—Text Only
Super fast news at
Want the news? Fast? This text-only version (no images at all) of the NPR site loads really fast, even on a dial-up connection. Click into the site by Topics (News, Politics, Health, etc) or by the names of programs. You'll get the option to read or listen to the stories.
Dial up that news...

EarthLink Offers

DSL Internet—starting at $12.95/mo.
EarthLink High Speed DSL gives you instant broadband connections up to 6Mbps. Plus, get a free high-speed DSL modem. Keep your email address when you upgrade.
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EarthLink High Speed Cable gives you Internet access up to 10Mbps, instant connections, and more. Keep your EarthLink email address, too. Plus, no long term contracts.
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Sign up for EarthLink Web Hosting and get a free domain name (like Our free Site Builder makes it quick and easy to build a professional-looking Web site with no experience necessary.
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Partner Offers

Try Netflix!
Netflix Online DVD Rentals—Only $4.99/mo. Fast free shipping.