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The Internet President
Online with Obama
Whether you're a supporter or not, there's no denying that this president has taken to the Internet like no other: with a YouTube channel, Facebook and Twitter accounts, blog feeds, and more. The press is also following the president's every move online. Check out the ways you can use the Internet to keep up with our 44th president.

14 PowerToys for XP — Windows
Free Microsoft downloads
These free downloads can add fun and functionality to your PC experience. From ClearType Tuner (makes it easier to read on your computer) to Webcam Timeshot (take webcam pictures at specified times), there's a lot to chose from. Choose one or all.
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Magnifique — Mac
Free theming app for Leopard
This free download makes it easy for you to re-skin or apply new themes to your Mac's windows, menu bar, and dock. There's a built-in theme downloader so you can browse through a list of themes to find the one you want to try.
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15 Strangest College Courses
Ah, to be young again
The Joy of Garbage. The Simpsons and Philosophy. Zombies in Popular Media. With college tuition in the stratosphere, at least we can feel good that our kids are learning what they need to succeed in the real world. (See the comments section for more quirky courses.)
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EarthLink Offers

DSL Internet service—starting at $12.95/mo.
EarthLink High Speed DSL service gives you instant broadband connections up to 6Mbps. Plus, get a free DSL modem. Keep your EarthLink email address when you upgrade to EarthLink DSL.
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Cable Internet service—speeds up to 10Mbps
Our ultra-fast EarthLink High Speed Cable gives you Internet access up to 10Mbps, instant connections, and more. Keep your EarthLink email address, too. No contracts.
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Web Hosting service—Only $9.98/mo.
Quickly build and launch a domain website with EarthLink Web Hosting service. Get a free domain name (like with all our reliable web hosting plans. Our free Site Builder makes it quick and easy to get started.
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Partner Offers

Try Netflix!
Netflix Online DVD Rentals—Only $4.99/mo. Fast free shipping.

Good Daily Water Choices
Info-graphic shows you how
Conserving water is becoming increasingly important. So what should you do to save it? This large, colorful info-graphic chart illustrates the surprising amount of water that goes into our daily lives, and shows how much water one could save by making better choices.
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Is airfare going up or down?
Farecast was a 2008 Webby award winner in the Travel category. Their airfare prediction shows if fares are rising or dropping, and provides a recommendation to buy now or later. You can easily compare, filter, and sort flight results from hundreds of airline, hotel, and agency websites.
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Fun Free Game
How many levels can you do?
"Graphics are Everything" is, ironically, a fun game with extremely minimal graphics. Simply click, drag, and "shoot" a circle at other simple shapes. Gets harder at each level. Pretty addicting.
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Recipe search engine
This intelligent recipe search engine lets you enter ingredients you have at home and gives you instant suggestions. Watch the number of meal suggestions grow as you add each ingredient. You'll also get prompts asking if you have other ingredients that could make more new meals.
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Saving Money at EarthLink
Shopping comparison, deals & more
Want your tax refund to go farther? Looking for new ways to save money? EarthLink can help. We've recently re-launched our holiday shopping site to focus on year-round savings for you. Search for the lowest prices on everything you need, check out our Editor's Choices, the Amazon Deal of the Day, travel specials, and more.
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