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Yes (Groan) It's Tax Time
But the Internet can help

With the tax deadline only a month away, we've gathered what we hope is a helpful collection of links to make the process as easy, error-free, and rewarding as possible. Not ready to start? You might want to bookmark a few of these now so you'll have them when you are.

How to Start Smart
Setting your browser's home page

Why waste time when you log onto the Web? Make sure you're starting at the place that's right for you. For most of our members, that will be your myEarthLink Start Page or EarthLink Web Mail.

To set your browser to open to one of these pages (or both!), click on the Tools menu and select Internet Options (in Internet Explorer) or Options (in Firefox).

In the Home Page box, type in or and click OK. (Or, using Internet Explorer, you could simply click the Make myEarthLink Your Start Page link at the top of the page.)

You can also have both your Start Page and Web Mail open up in separate tabs. In Internet Explorer 7, simply type each address on its own line in the Home page box. In Firefox, type the two URLs separated by the pipe | symbol, like this:|

Or, first open the pages up in separate tabs (Ctrl-T opens a new tab), then go to Tools>Options, click Use current or Use Current Pages, and then OK.

Speakonia — Windows
Free text-to-speech program
This Text-To-Speech Program reads aloud text on your computer. You can specify a Web address and Speakonia will fetch the page and read it. Or you can even have your emails read to you using the Clipboard Reading feature.
Learn more and download today!

Hotspot Shield — Mac
Free wi-fi hotspot security
When using most public wi-fi hotspots, your computer and communications vulnerable to hackers and security breaches. Hotspot Shield is a simple solution help maintain your anonymity and protect your privacy at free wi-fi hotspots.
Learn more and download today!

Henchman's Helper
Super-evil, super satire
When you have to be really evil, it's important to have a really cool control room to make it all happen. The wall of monitors on this satirical site actually contains 42 live webcams from around the world, along with a world sunlight map, temperature map, infra red satellite maps, precipitation and wind maps, and more.
World domination is mine...

100 Most Beautiful Words
A scintillating, quintessential elixir
This felicitous list can be a bit esoteric, but in the end it's an exuberant and mellifluous efflorescence of language. See if you agree with the words that were judged most beautiful by "Dr. Goodword" at
Happy peregrinations...

Is Your Water Safe?
Drinking water quality reports
There are many reasons why you should be drinking tap water instead of bottled water, including both environmental costs and out of pocket costs to you. But is it safe? Click your state on this site and take a hopefully refreshing look at your local water quality report.
See your local report...

Hit the Jackpot
Free online archery game
This simple yet elegant Flash game lets you compete (or not) against a worldwide field of archers. Shoot well enough and you could go the World Cup.
It's a bulls-eye...

Get Rich Slowly
Most inspiring money blog
Named one of the best and "most inspiring" money blogs by Money magazine, Get Rich Slowly is devoted to something we all need these days: sensible personal finance. Read some daily tips or click the top "About" link to see if it's right for you.
Check it out...

5 Ways to Be Happy in a Recession
Tough times...happy days?
Happiness, in general, declines along with a declining economy. But researchers say there are there are simple strategies you can use to boost your happiness right now. So what are you waiting for!
Good luck...

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