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Fighting Colds & Flu
Here's to your health

Concerned about you or your kids catching a cold or getting the flu this winter? Learn what you can do to prevent it, treat it, and get better as soon as possible.

Refer Friends & Earn Rewards
Check Out the EarthLink Referral Program
Enjoying your EarthLink Internet service? Then why not spread the word this holiday season. Tell your family & friends about our fast reliable access, free security, 24/7 customer support & more. When they sign up, you'll get FREE Internet access or other rewards. Everybody wins!
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Office 2007 Compatibility Pack — Windows
Microsoft file format converter
Unless you have the 2007 version of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, you may have had trouble dealing with the new file formats (like .docx) used by these programs. This free converter lets you open, edit, and save documents in these new formats. Read the Overview & Requirements for technical details.
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Slife — Mac
Easy time management
This free program automatically keeps track of what you spend your time on while using your Mac. It observes how and when you use thousands of applications. It can help you manage your time better or even help you with billing clients.
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Captain Ozone
Good cause...weird site
"The masked man's mission is to promote pollution-free, renewable energy worldwide to prevent more oil wars from occurring in the future." But what's with the cheesy get-up? Check out the "documentary," photo gallery, gift show, or head over to his MySpace page instead.
It's a bird, it's a ...?

Rotten Tomatoes
See that movie?
Which new movies should you go to see this holiday season? What DVD should you rent? Check out Rotten Tomatoes. It offers a fun and informative way to get the overall critical reaction to movies, both from critics & regular movie-goers.
It's showtime...

Our Earth as Art
Beautiful satellite photos
Take a few minutes to click through this beautiful collection of satellite photos of the Earth, continent by continent.
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Coupons, cash back & more
Fatten your wallet with a good selection of online coupons, cash back shopping rewards, tips on deals from the FatWallet community members (like you if you sign up, free), and a price comparison search.
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HubDub—News Forecaster
See if you can predict the news
HubDub is part news site, part opinion site, part game. See what people think the odds are of various events happening are in politics, sports, business, tech and other categories. Register for free and use your "HubDub dollars" to make your own news predictions.
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2008 Ig Nobel Awards
Weird science is honored
It's the *other* Nobel prize, the one for odd (but true) scholarly research. This year's winners include research into how dog fleas can jump higher than cat fleas, how slime mold can solve puzzles, and how heaps of strings or wires will inevitably tangle themselves in knots.
Guess who won the Peace prize?...

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Upgrade to our lightning-fast high-speed cable Internet service and get broadband speeds up to 8Mbps, instant access, and more. Keep your EarthLink email address too.
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PC FineTune™—Free trial
Computers slow down over time. And that slows you down, no matter what your Internet connection is. End the frustration. PC FineTune is the simple and effective way to improve PC speed & performance.
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