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Fall Foliage in Focus
Live Webcams nationwide

Celebrate the beauty of fall. Take a few minutes to check out these live webcams that showcase fall foliage in all its glory. Reminder: these are live shots, so check it out during the day ;-)

Keybreeze — Windows
Perform any task in a second
Keybreeze is designed to help you work faster on your computer. You can open anything (files, folders, and websites) and perform any task by typing entries into the toolbar. Press a global hotkey to activate Keybreeze, type a few letters of an entry, and press Enter.
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Soundstream — Mac
Screensaver changes with sound
This Mac OSX (Tiger) screensaver adjusts and responds to ambient sound (as long as you have the microphone enabled). Think iTunes visualization of the sound in your room. You can also easily adjust the level of sensitivity.
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Bad Haiku
At least it's short
Visit this site, please.
Bad haiku? Judge for yourself.
At least it's quite short.

Some haiku...just for you...

Maze Frenzy
Free online game
Click on the red dot and guide it through the maze. Watch out for the moving objects. Go off the path and you have to start all over. If you make it through, see how fast you finish.
Ready, set, go...

Green Guide
It's not hard being green
National Geographic offers this comprehensive site to help guide you to a greener lifestyle. You'll find tips & tools, a buying guide, blog, how-to advice, videos and more.
Go green...

100 Best Places to Live
2008 Money magazine list
What small city tops the list? Which places have the most affordable homes? The most singles? The skinniest residents? It's all here, with a methodical catalog of elements that makes each place a great place to live.
See who's on top...

The Simple Dollar
Blog really makes cents
Here's a blog for "those of us who need both cents and sense: people fighting debt and bad spending habits while building a financially secure future." Find simple ways to manage your finances and save a little money.
Start saving...

Top 10 World Series Moments
Sports Illustrated Photos
Not sure how the series is going to go this year, but there have been quite a few memorable World Series moments in the past. Take a look the 10 pictures Sports Illustrated thinks are most memorable.
It's a home run...

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