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Banking 101
Is Your Money Safe?

Unfortunately, these days you can't assume your money is 100% safe just because it's in the bank. So we've gathered a few online resources to help you make smart decisions about your money.

Paint.NET — Windows
Free photo/image editing software
Get powerful image editing features typically found in expensive programs like Photoshop—for free. You'll enjoy multi-image support, layers, and advanced special effects. Requires .NET framework 2.0.
Learn more and download today!

Google Statz — Mac
Free "universal status" utility
This free utility from Google makes it simple to modify your status on multiple applications—like iChat, Adium, Skype, Twitter & more—from a single interface.
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Psychic Chicken
Are you psychic?
It's simple: You'll see 4 shapes. Click on the one you think the chicken is thinking about. Repeat. Watch the psychic indicator move up (or down) depending on the number you guess right (or wrong).
We see fun in your future...

Summertime Energy-Saving Tips
Save money & be good to the environment
Did you know that microwaving your food uses 2/3 less energy than your stove? Or that your dishwasher uses less water than washing by hand? Or a full refrigerator is most energy efficient? Find out more ways to cut the cost of high water & power bills.
Cut down...and save up!

The NPR 100
Most important 20th-century music
Rock, rap, jazz, country, and classical—it's all here. Listen to what NPR picked to represent the century's most important musical works, as well as interesting commentary about how the music came about and why it matters.
Hear here...

Runner's World Tools
For weight loss, training, gear & more
Want to lose weight or increase your level of fitness? Check out the Tools at Calorie Counter, Body Fat Calculator, Training Log, Training Calculator, Pace Calculator, interactive injury diagnosis, shoe finder & more.
Get fit...

Global Children's Art Gallery
Simple beauty from the littlest artists
Brighten your day by browsing through this virtual gallery of paintings and drawings by kids from around the world aged 2 - 12. Click the Random link a few times, and you're sure to see something that makes you smile.
Color your day...

Federal Student Aid
Get an early start
Jumpstart the financial aid process with an early estimate of your eligibility for federal student aid. This government site can also increase your knowledge of the financial aid process and provide information about other sources of aid.
Get the aid you need...

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High Speed DSL - starting at just $12.95
Get high-speed DSL service and get instant Internet access up to 6Mbps, with a free DSL modem, and more—all starting at just $12.95 a month. Keep your email address when you upgrade to EarthLink DSL.
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High Speed Cable Internet - More speed in more places
Upgrade to our lightning-fast high-speed cable Internet service and get instant broadband speeds up to 8Mbps. Keep your EarthLink email address too.
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Web Hosting - FREE domain for 2 yrs.
Get a free domain name for 2 years (a $40 value), free set-up (a $25 value), and a free Site Builder so you can easily launch a great website in under 1 hour. EarthLink Web Hosting and e-commerce services are reliable and secure, and are backed by our expert 24/7 phone support.
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