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Fighting High Gas Prices
Tips to save you gas...and money

Did you know that you'll get the most gas for your money late at night or early in the morning and the least on hot days? Or that your mpgs drop rapidly at speeds above 60 mph? Or that under-inflated tires are a common cause of lower mpgs? Here are some online resources that we hope will give you some help with the high price of gas!

AutoHotkey — Windows
Free open-source hotkey utility
Automate almost anything by sending keystrokes and mouse clicks. Create hotkeys for keyboard, joystick, and mouse. Expand abbreviations as you type them. And much more. It can be a very handy time-saver.
Learn more and download today!

iSquint — Mac
Free iPod video converter
iSquint is a great way to convert video files to use on your iPod. It's faster than QuickTime Pro and works for most popular video formats. It's also drag-and-drop easy, and gives you several ways to customize your settings.
Learn more and download today!

Condiment Packet Gallery
Ketchup & mustard & soy, oh my!
Spice up your day with a quick visit to the online archive of 724 "flexible portion control condiment packets." It squeezes in everything from barbecue and brown sauce to tartar and vinegar.
Let's get saucy...

Ultimate Guide to Grilling
Great tips, tricks & recipes
Real Simple makes great summer grilling...real simple. Learn how to choose a grill or care for your grill. Learn top tips, techniques, and secrets to great grilling. You'll also get tasty recipes and a printable "cheat sheet" chart telling you just how long it takes to grill all your favorite foods.
Get fired up to cook...

Free reminders by email or SMS
Need to remember to get things done? Just create a Ping, set a date, and you'll receive a reminder by email or TXT to your phone. Not a good time? Just reply to the message to reschedule for a later date or time. Sign up is quick and the service is free.
Don't forget to get pinged...

Watch full TV episodes—FREE
Full-length TV shows from NBC, FOX, CBS, FX, Bravo, and more are the star at this video site. Watch current favs like Family Guy, CSI: Miami, The Office, and the Daily Show, or go back to Twin Peaks, Hill Street Blues, and Star Trek. High speed DSL or cable Internet connection recommended for best viewing.
It's fantastic...

Astronomy Picture of the Day
They're out of this world
The idea is simple: each day a different image or photograph of some fascinating aspect of the universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer. The results are typically...out of this world.
Discover the cosmos...

Avoid Delays
Flying? Check this out first!
Before you travel by plane this summer, get some valuable tips and advice from air traffic controllers. See the most delayed airports, worst times to fly, and most delayed flights. You can also check for live airport delays or check your flight.
Bon voyage...

EarthLink Offers

Web Hosting - FREE domain & more
Get a free "dot com" domain name (a $40 value), free set-up (a $25 value), and a free Site Builder so you can easily launch a professional-looking website in under 1 hour. EarthLink Web hosting and e-commerce services are reliable and secure, and are backed by our expert 24/7 phone support.
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DSL - Blazing fast, amazing value
Get high-speed DSL service and get instant broadband Internet access up to 6Mbps, with a free DSL modem, and more—all starting at just $12.95 a month. Keep your email address when you upgrade to EarthLink DSL.
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Cable Internet - More speed in more places
Upgrade to our lightning-fast high-speed cable Internet service and get broadband speeds up to 8Mbps, instant access, and more. Keep your EarthLink email address too.
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Netflix Online DVD Rentals—Only $4.99/mo. Fast free shipping.