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Happiness. Here's to Yours!
The science...that could keep you smiling.

Our primary mission here at EarthLink is to keep you happy with your Internet experience. But we sure would like you to be happy with the rest of your life too. Here's a head start...

More Google Goodness
Better & different search options

It's not news that Google gets more people to the information they want on the Web than anyone else. That's why we make it easy for you to do a Google search from the myEarthLink start page or any page on the EarthLink website. But you may not be taking full advantage of all Google offers.

For example, did you know that you can:

  • type define:keyword to get dictionary definitions in your results
  • type stock symbols, like ELNK, to get current stock quotes
  • type an asterisk between two numbers to multiply them: 45 * 39
  • put quotes around your keywords to find an exact phrase: "to be or not to be"
  • type keyword(s) and then site: followed by a URL to search on one website only
  • type an address to find maps & directions
  • type weather and a zip code or city to get weather info
More Google resources:

Gspace — Windows & Mac
Free Firefox add-on for online storage
If you use the Firefox Web browser and have a Gmail account in addition to your EarthLink email account, this nifty free download turns your Gmail space into free storage space for all kinds of files: documents, pictures, music, and more. It's available for Windows, Mac, and even Linux. Don't have Firefox yet? You can download that free too!
Learn more and download today!

Draw a Pig
A personality test?
Draw a pig online...and discover your true self. Or just kill a few minutes. After you draw yours, check out the Top Oinkers Gallery.
Go hog wild...

Mint – As in Money
Manage your finances – FREE
This award-winning, free online service helps make it easy to manage your money, credit, etc., all in one place. Once you set it up (which takes 5 – 10 min), Mint stays up to date automatically by linking to your various financial accounts. Who couldn't use a little budgeting help these days?
Start making cents

Serious Eats
Food blog & community
In the blog's own words, it's "Fresh, hot, delicious food content served up daily." Stay up with the latest food news, get tips from other foodies, read restaurant reviews, get recipes, or watch some videos. Bon appetite!
Dig in online

TypeRacer – Online Game
Simple fun: you type, you race.
Simply enter your name (or not), wait for the countdown, start typing the on-screen text, and see if your skills take you to the finish line first. Text selections are often from famous movies or books. See your average typing speed and overall skill level. It's a fun, free diversion.
Let's get QWERTY

Retail Me Not
Find coupon codes and save $.
Enter a keyword or URL to search for money-saving coupon codes, or click through the list of tags. You enter the codes when checking out at the participating retailer to get your discount or promotion.
Don't pay full price

Smashing Telly
Interesting TV on the Web
Watch classic clips and full-length programs, with a special emphasis on documentaries, nonfiction, and classic dramas. No stupid pet tricks or bloopers.
It's TV time

EarthLink Offers

High Speed DSL Internet Service
EarthLink now offers blazing-fast broadband DSL service from more locations than ever. Get DSL speeds up to 6Mbps, instant access, a free DSL modem, and more—all starting at just $12.95 a month. See if you qualify.
Learn more about DSL

Broadband Cable Internet Service
Get broadband cable Internet speeds up to 8Mbps, instant access, a free cable modem, and more. Enter your information to see which plans you qualify for.
Learn more about cable Internet

Internet Call Waiting
EarthLink Dial-Up members can screen calls and get messages while online with EarthLink Internet Call Waiting. Real-time caller ID and message waiting alerts keep you connected. No need for a second phone line. Starting as low as $3.95/month. Try it FREE for 30 days.
Learn more about call waiting

Partner Offers

Try Netflix!
Netflix Online DVD Rentals—Only $4.99/mo. Fast free shipping.