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Issue #136 December 3, 2007
Linux for the Desktop
The FREE operating system
By Donal Loch Hinman
In the world of personal computing, you've got two choices of what kind of operating system to use—Windows or Mac, right? Well, uh, wrong. The truth is there's a variety of choices, running from geek-only-command-line-simple to the exotic 3D desktop playground. And there's a Linux flavor for every one. Why Linux? Well, let's start with free...
  • That's right—free
  • Security & functionality
  • Selection
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When Your Computer is a Paperweight: Oops, Backup!
By Rob Levy
Imagine your computer suddenly died. Ouch! Would you have lost all those photos, documents, passwords, and tax files? Or would you calmly note that you’ve recently backed up everything you need?

If you aren't really sure what to do to be prepared, this week's Tech Tip can introduce you to a new peace of mind.
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Chromatia Tuner — Windows
Plug in, tune up, play on!
Chromatia tuner allows you to use your PC as an advanced instrument tuner with short response time, a large tuning range, and good precision. It supports more than 30 different 'temperaments'—historic as well as modern! You can also add your own scales. Features include 'Beat tone' option (tune by ear), report mode, calibration of input noise level, microphone type, and more.
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Game: American History Lux — Mac
Come cross the Delaware
Colonize North America then move on to form the U.S., experience the World Wars and U.S. overseas campaigns. Each war includes a realistic map outlining the important cities and geography of the time. Background information and links to full Wikipedia histories complete your interactive learning experience. Four levels of difficulty challenge newcomers and experienced players.
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Smurf the Web!
Papa Smurf’s got a brand new page.
Tired of the played-out "surf the Web" analogy? Then why not Smurf it instead? Just enter any Web address and watch as the page is magically recreated in the Smurfalicious language spoken by those loveable TV elves from the eighties—it's Smurftastic!
Look out for Azrael!

The Night Sky
Learn the constellations
Don't know your Orion from your Big Dipper? This visual tutorial promises to help make you constellation-literate in fifteen minutes or less. Impress your date! Stay on course at sea! Take a gander at Betelgeuse!
Reach for the stars

A Christmas Carol
Dickens' own stage reading
Charles Dickens' beloved yuletide tale has never waned in popularity. In his own time, Dickens was much in demand to perform staged readings of Scrooge's comings and goings, which he trimmed down to serve as an evening of spirited entertainment. And here it is...
Stage your own humbug

New online "TV" show
The site is being billed as a "new community for artists, thinkers, and doers," but the real draw is the high-quality series from  Marshall Herskovitz and Edward Zwick, the creative team behind "My So-Called Life," "thirtysomething," and "Blood Diamond." Click "The Show" link to watch the episodes.
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Steampunk Workshop
Tomorrow is yesterday
What do you get when you mix a cutting-edge, hi-tech desktop computer with a polished brass, wood & leather aesthetic worthy of a place in Captain Nemo's quarters? Steampunk: Today's tech, yesterday's style.
Steve Jobs meets Queen Victoria
The language of the future?
Created at the beginning of the 20th century, Esperanto was invented to be a universal language, culled together by elements of several other languages and further simplified. Maybe now it's time to think and speak globally? Check it out...
What's the word for peace?

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