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Issue #135 November 19, 2007
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High-speed Round-up
Life beyond dial-up
By Rob Levy

After the holidays, a lot of people will use the Internet to send pictures and videos of family dinners and office parties. If your dial-up connection makes you dread downloading all that wonderful stuff, you may be ready to step up to high-speed Internet.

But which option is the best? Is one high-speed choice better than another? Let's take a quick look to find out.

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Game: Oasis — Windows
Build and run
Ready to build a kingdom or two? Oasis is a fast-paced strategy game that you can play in minutes instead of days. Act fast before the barbarians smash your cities to rubble. Or, explore the desert and build an empire! Take your time and develop your kingdom carefully, or watch the barbarian hordes gleefully demolish all your hard work!
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Disco XT 3.6 — Mac
Mad mix in the house!
Advanced audio player and DJ mixing software. With Disco XT, you can create your own DJ mixes and even play live sets. Features include: Full iTunes integration, dual audio player and DJ mixer, waveform displays with live zoom, master tempo/pitch lock, and lots of effects like filters, echo, reverb, and more.
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See how the other half eats
Got milk in the fridge? Sylvia and Pieter in Norway sure do. About four pretty cartons of it. And New Zealand could take "refrigerator chocolate stashing" to the Olympics. So, don't feel so bad about your collection of half-empty pickle jars. Thanks to the Fridgewatcher project, you can freely investigate the strange contents of strangers' refrigerators the world over!
Grab a bite

Run, Forrest!
Jogging is one of the few exercises you can undertake without membership fees, classes, or expensive equipment. provides joggers with a nationwide database of runners' routes, complete with street maps and satellite images. Find a route in your town or post one of your own!
Cue "Chariots of Fire..."
Like drawing with knobs—but easier
Feeling nostalgic for your old Etch-a-Sketch? Why not try the 21st century version—the online drawing. This site provides a ready-made digital canvas; all artists need do is sign up (free) and start drawing for a worldwide audience!
Doodle Dandy!

Frank's Vinyl Museum
Hi-fi History
First there was William Shatner singing "Mr. Tambourine Man," now there's an entire site documenting vinyl train wrecks from a time when people bought "albums" in places called "record stores." Specimens include "Ethel Merman's Disco Album," "[Muhammad] Ali and his Gang vs. Mr. Tooth Decay," and many more.
No business like—boogie!

This is Broken
'Nuff said
Bad customer service is almost expected in today's retail experience, but you can still stick it to the man (somewhat). Broken signs, misspelled ads, erroneous claims... This site acts as a repository for all the slights and stupidities endured in the process of parting with our money.
Have a nice day!

Geeks Unite!
Geekdom is no longer the exclusive domain of 30-year-old virgins living in mom and dad's basement. Check out the guy who spent $30,000 to build a life-size flight simulator in his bedroom, or another who's auctioning a Peterbuilt sleeper-cab replica with Transformers bed sheets!
More than meets the eye!

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