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Great Halloween Ideas Online
The horror, the horror...
By Donal Hinman

The real horror is how the fun of making your own costumes and decorations for Halloween has gone by the wayside. Halloween used to be a perfectly charming and joy-filled night, if one hearkens back to the Golden Age of Americana. Then came ready-made, retailed stuff. Well, I say "Time to take back your innocent fun!" Now, listen to me. I want you to go to your window, open it up, and scream out...well, you know, just scream out! Because it's Halloween!

Oh, and check out these cool links on do-it-yourself Halloween ideas.

Active Tray 2.2 — Windows
Files at a glance
This software supercharges your system tray, providing you with additional features and greater flexibility. Add programs, documents, links and other timesavers to your system tray.
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Game: Gnome Herder — Mac
Like sheep, only mythical
With this challenging 3D game, round up, wrangle and capture the naughty flying Gnomes so you can return them to their lonely wives. Feel free to shoot them with acorns.
Learn more and download today...

Hats of Meat
Stinky couture
Throughout history, hats made out of meat have been the ultimate fashion statement. From beef and poultry to pork and sausage, all of your carnivorous favorites are now ready to wear on top of your head.
Not for vegetarians

Tailgating America
Fire up the Foreman Grill.
Tailgating has been described as "the last great American neighborhood ...where no one locks their doors and everyone is happy to see you..." This site keeps the game day spirit alive with parking-lot & stadium info, tried-and-true recipes, and cool tailgating furniture and accessories.
Game? What game?
A quick way to appear smart, or demented...
Rock fans know "Mr. Mojo Risin" as the anagram chosen by The Doors' frontman Jim Morrison in their 1971 hit "L.A. Woman." Now, you too can rearrange your name to create a mysterious alter ego! Find anagrams for other celebrity names too, as well as politics, food, sports, and—oh, the possibilities!
Maude says lie (easily aMused)


It's cheaper than blood pressure medication.
Birds don't have credit problems or expensive car repairs; watching them flutter about with nary a care can help you forget yours. Do the birds, and yourself, a favor by learning to preserve local species with suitable bird houses, backyard feeders, and more.
Do pigeons count?

Baby Names World
Yes, Ace is a real name.
Dang! You had a baby and now you're supposed to name it something!? Well, new parent, you're in luck... This site provides myriad possibilities indexed by gender, popularity, and origin. Choose from the familiar—Hebrew, Greek, Gaelic, English—or go exotic with ancient Egyptian, Sanskrit, Phoenician, and more!
Sargon! Dinner's ready!

Words + Music...
Created by "an online collective of experimental musicians and audio collage artists" known as "Snuggles," this site rocks like no other. Just click the speaker icon next to AC/DC's "Highway to Hell"—or any of the other 100 songs listed—and see if you don't agree.
Hope you like jamming too...

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